CSI 13×21 “Skin in the Game” Discussion Post

Skin in the GameNo, Sara’s not expected in the episode, but better safe then sorry, I always say. Enjoy this post and don’t burn down the house, I’m away on family business.

“Skin In The Game” — As Russell and his team investigate a series of murders, one of their own confronts peril on a dangerous undercover mission to get close to the killer, on the 13th season finale cliffhanger of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Wednesday, May 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Eric Roberts as brother Daniel Larson, James Callis as writer John Merchiston, Tim Matheson as Oliver Tate, Annabella Sciorra as Nancy Brass and Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Thomas D. Clufetos Jr., and Geezer Burler as themselves.

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If there is Sara, updates will be … sometime this weekend. Possibly. I’m on the road again.

22 thoughts on “CSI 13×21 “Skin in the Game” Discussion Post”

  1. I was talking to my little spoiler-bird and apparently we doesn’t get any real information about the case in SF. So either they just needed a reason to get Sara (Jorja) out of the finale for scheduling reasons, or we’ll get more at the beginning of next season.

    This is good for the Sara fans and yet makes me wonder why on earth they went out of their way to send her off to San Francisco. It could have been explained with a simple “Sara’s in San Francisco testifying in the Lyle Brinks parole hearing.” So I dunno. We’ll see what next season holds …

    1. Lili Illescas

      Yes that is correct NO mention of Sara at all. But was a great episode and Morgan WOW was fanfastic on it, so till next season

  2. Well, I found the case pretty intriguing which is a bonus these days. Actually I love “to be continueds”, although same as last year the intended cliffhanger effect is far cry from say “Living Doll” or “For Gedda” and is lost on me. Not going to lose sleep over Morgan’s fate, sorry.
    “CSIs playing cops/UC agents/swat” is just annoyingly distracting in this episode.
    Loved Nick’s nod to Grissom. Talking of nods, is it just me or there were WAY too many Grissom-reminders in this episode? Surely couldn’t have been just a coincidence?

      1. gilandsara4ever

        i know! i cant take credit for this thought that has to go to nat 🙂 but she had what i think is an awesome thought…… the 9 levels of h*** were from dantes inferno/ the divine comedy. years ago they did an ep called “grissoms divine comedy”. any correlation???

      2. Yup I made that connection too. And the chocolate covered grasshoppers Grissom offered Holly?? Gah I’m wondering if it does mean something.

  3. Hey guys,

    I thought Dr Ray was appearing in this episode, did I read it or did I dream it? I think when I read it I thought that it was going to be interesting how it will play out.
    Overall nice episode, although I would have liked Sara to have been given one scene, but she had a good amount of screen time so I can’t complain.
    We met Sara’s mom this season, she stood up to a stalker, framed for murder, seperated from her husband and she was a friend to Tina… she had great moments and boy did she shine.
    Hope Jorja’s enjoying the break, I for one will be glad to see her back next season.
    Thanks M, for keeping us up to date this season!

      1. LOL…. That’s so weird, thanks for confirming what everyone else I know suspects, I’m going crazy 😯
        Where in the world did that thought come from? Thanks for putting me outta my misery I tried to search the web for an article on his guest apperance.. hee hee hee and the funny thing is, I never even liked the Ray Langston days yet I dream up a guest apperance!

      2. I dreamed Billy showed up and I was all pissed off y’all didn’t tell me until I realized I was watching “A Turn of the Screws” and it was a repeat…. And then I woke up very confused.

        Airplane dreams, man. They get you every time.

      3. I swear & read the same thing somewhere… Billy would show up before Fishburne? Huh. 😮

      4. LOL, I was more like dead man walking Warrick before Fishburne. 😉 CSI Zombie Edition

  4. I was a bit disappointed with this ep. Feels like it’s been done before. I think it would’ve been fine as a two-part mid-season ep, but don’t think it’s worthy of a season finale cliff-hanger. Same as last season – I was a little underwhelmed. It was OK, I liked it – but I didn’t LOVE it. Whereas season finale cliff-hangers of the past have left me wondering how the hell I was going to get through the summer. I think I like the idea of having a serial killer throughout the series, and getting to know him/her a little bit – building up to the season finale. My fave season was the one with the Miniature Killer, and one of the only reasons I kept watching during the Langston days was Nate Haskell (and Jorja of course).

    Plus, I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m more interested to know what’s going to happen with Ellie than Morgan – and Ellie has barely been in the show. I’ve just never really connected with Morgan.

    1. In my book, that last thought puts you in the majority! 😉
      (& in others I’m sure:) lol) And I agree that I feel like it’s totally been done before & I too am not at all, oops, concerned with the fate of Morgan.
      I really wld of loved to of seen more of Ellie, Brass, & his ex wife. Thought it was going to be a more Brass centered ep than it was…. & once again, what’s w/ Sara & Brass never being together when something HUGE happens in the others life?? Once upon a time they were really close & tight…

  5. Sara was in SF, they needed to have that little scene between Sara and DB so fans would know where she was. (The writers get yelled at no matter how they handle Sara’s storyline.) The only thought I had of Grissom was Nicks reference to his good teacher. Trying to connect anything else to Grissom is a pretty big reach I think. Viewership was down, below 10 million—was that because Jorja was not there?
    And what about Brass’s ex telling him he wasn’t a very good father? Ellie isn’t even his daughter–his wife had an affair. Brass has always considered Ellie as his and has tried to help her many times. I think Ellie knows the truth and is upset because her parents have lied to her so does the only thing she knows that will really hurt them. By the way, wasn’t she in SF, or she must have stayed in LV after Brass was shot.
    I watched because I always watch–but this episode didn’t hold up to last episode standards.

  6. observation, if Sara Sidle does not appear in this episode 13×22, so she did not appeared in 14×01?

    1. Ah, they have not written the episodes yet, HOWEVER they have ‘broken’ (i.e. planned out) the first five, and the writers go back to work in June. (Thank you Shane)

  7. I liked this Ep, even without Sara. What I didn’t quite understand was the Ozzy thing, I mean we just watched a little Show in the beginning. I expected he would be the Storyline in this Ep after all the commercials…

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