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Jorja, David Berman, Eric Szmanda, and Elisabeth Harnois went to Knotts Scary Farm and met Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Knott’s Scary Farm is something Knott’s Berry Farm does every year, making it a spooktacular place. I never go. The only Haunted House I can go to and not be scared is Disney Land. I hate the people jumping out at me. However I love Elvira, and used to watch her all the time as a late night host when I was a child, because like Disney Land, she’s not terrifying. She took horror and macabre and made it something I could face, because she was there. I think I saw her as a protecter. Well. Her and Count Von Count.

Elvira’s famous dress came about after she was burned pretty badly in a fire as a child. Actually her whole fascination with spooky things comes from that. The dress covers the burns, which are over 53% of her body. Elvira’s also an advocate for humanitarianism, gay rights, and animals.

Happy Halloween!

8 thoughts on “Spooky CSI”

  1. Wow. I never knew that about Elvira. I like her, too. She’s fun-scary. Not crawl under your bed and hope no one hears you breathe scary.

  2. I did not know that about Elvira. That’s really awesome.

    Meanwhile, if the hair crew on CSI can see fit to keep Jorja’s hair like it is in this shot … 😉

    1. @Shauna Brock: Exactly my thoughts.. 🙂 Does Jorja have curly hair? I love that style. I saw her pictures like that several times and I always wished Sara had this hair…

      1. She had curly hair in Cool Change. If they used a wig in the flashbacks/ fauxbacks, why didn’t they use a wig of curly or wavy hair?
        My biggest beef though is that eye makeup she’s had all this season. It makes her big brown eyes look small and pointy at the outer edges. Ugh.

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