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You know the drill, right? If you don’t want to read spoilers, you don’t read any post that gets tagged “spoiler” and yes, I tag every post, and I try to make sure that the titles and excerpts you see on social media warn you. Any time after an episode has first aired, there are no spoilers. This means even if Canada gets the episode two hours before New York, spoiler warnings are lifted in the episode posts.

Okay! So here’s what they said at the TCA:

It may only be July, but it’s never too early to get caught up on where CSI left off in May. And there’s no time like the present for a sneak peek at some surprises coming up this fall.

SEASON FINALE: The CSI team realized they had a serial killer on their hands as Russell pieced together the reasons why. Morgan went undercover to get close to the killer and went missing, along with Captain Brass’ daughter.

NEW SEASON: In the season premiere, the CSIs delve into the world of reality television when the contestants on a food competition show turn out to be using odd ingredients. In the series’ 300th episode, the CSI “Old Guard” look back to where each of them were when the show began, as they revisit a cold case that’s haunted them for 14 years.

Credit to CBS Press Express

Credit to Shane for the photo of the chairs.

24 thoughts on “TCA Press Tour Spoilers”

  1. The 300th episode looks great… I wonder what the case will be and if its a case that’s haunted them for 14 years, what about Grissom x

    1. Living doll with Sara would be a great one to re live everybody worked on that case and Sara left csi( maybe natalie)gets out of jail and haunts Sara again

  2. I probably missed it somewhere but do you know what numbered episode the season starts with. The 300th looks really good and I hope it is an episode with a classic look to it as I am hoping there will be a couple of clips with shots of them back then. Fingers crossed anyway – and maybe a mention of Grissom!

      1. I looked it up at, one of my favorite websites. JFO is my Numero Uno! 😉

  3. my thoughts on the 300 episodes are as follows:
    “Blood Drops”: they were all working with that particle case and maybe something has happen to the little girl, or something had happen to her mom/sister.
    “too tough to die” Sara and Nick work in that case in season 1 with Grissom, and Greg and Sara work that case in season 9.
    “gentle gentle” just like “blood drops” they all work in that case together not sure if it haunt the current CSIs
    But then again they could do a case that we as audience never saw like in “living doll” but those are the episode that seemed a little personally for the CSI I through or at least the one’s that are on the show now.

    I’m glad that the 300 episode is a focus on the three original cast then the new cast members I haven’t even watched the 250 episode because of the comments I read online.

    1. Id love if they re-visited ‘Blood Drops’, I wasnt all that Carzy about ‘Gentle, Gentle’ and they have revisited ‘Too tough to die. What I got from the little snipit was they would be revisiting the very first episode, so Sara would be in San Franscico and she would recieve the call from Grissom about Holly Gribbs. Thats also the case that I thought would have haunted them for 14 years. Just a thought

      1. I thought of “Organ Grinder” and the two husband murderers who walked away without any charges being filed. That was Season 2 to us but maybe it’s 14 years ago to the CSIs. 😉

  4. What about Grissom is he coming back for the episoded,has CBS said anything about him returning,the 300 th should be about the original cast members since they make the show back then and still do

      1. Thanks for that lets hope the writers will see this site and try hard to get Peterson back,he should be loyal to his fan base ,if it wasn’t for all of us and the show people wouldnt know who he is

      2. I agree with you the show maded him and well know out there and gave him the opportunitys he has today- Peterson do the right thing

      3. William Petersen will come back when he wants to and not before. I think it would be nice if we could all respect his decision. Not everyone, even when they leave on the best possible terms, wants to go back to where they used to be.

      4. Agree with Mika. Especially now that he has young children – his priorities have changed.

  5. If the 300th episoded is going back to the beginning of the very first season( which is great cause I only like Sara,Greg,nick and of course Grissom) what about Grissom is he coming back for same episodeds,as the writers needed to fix the GSR up and have them back together- do you have any insides information about this.will the 300th episoded show flash backs of Sara and Grissom

  6. I wonder if Sara flash back will have something to do with the NTSB guy. I know everyone wants Grissom back but I don’t think that’s going to happen and we do all need to move on from that.

      1. I like Doug too, his a lot better then Hank and although we don’t know him very well he real seems to know Sara well.

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