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TV Equals – Low Ratings Due To Dull Triangle?

TV Equals’ CSI recap has always been pro-GSR, but this week the question came up of “Why is the Hodges-Elisabetta-Morgan triangle less gripping than the Grissom-Sara-Heather one of yor?”

Now, down to business. Why are we still being asked to care about the Hodges-Elisabetta-Morgan pseudo-triangle? If the characters themselves don’t seem to care, as Morgan’s blank face and willingness to encourage the Italian broad would seem to imply, why should we? Remember the good old days when people were so invested in Grissom and Sara and Lady Heather that they created fan fiction and letter campaigns and websites? There is one Tumblr site for “Modges” and it has fifteen items. In big text at the bottom it said “Sorry, we couldn’t find anymore posts.” I think that speaks for itself.

It’s been suggested that the crop of writers in charge of the show these days are trying to distance themselves from anything they consider “old school” (ie: Nick, Sara, Greg and Brass), and that CSI more closely resembles a spin-off than a continuation of itself. As much as I want to rally behind what was once my favorite show, I can’t construct an argument against that. Unless you’re just one of those Sara-haters (and your existence proves that CSI–and Jorja Fox–did something right by creating a character that you care about enough to hate), can you think of any reason to massacre Sara and Grissom’s marriage, a plotline that took up approximately 0.000001% of the show? Can you justify why there needs to be an Elisabetta at all, when a much more compelling (albeit soap-operish) triangle could have been created with Greg? Can you tell me why the most interesting relationship Nick has had since season one has been with a German Shepherd? And why does Brass have more of a cameo these days than an active role?

I don’t have an answer, but I guess I can’t be to terribly surprised that CSI had it’s lowest ratings ever this week. Why am I not surprised? I never saw a single ad. No tweets, no activity. The social push for this episode was so low, I almost forgot there was an episode on!

Credit: TV Equals — CSI Season 13 Review “Fearless” – Watch Out For the Teeth

26 thoughts on “TV Equals – Low Ratings Due To Dull Triangle?”

  1. Ratings are dropping all over network TV. Once Upon A Time also has crazy low ratings. The problem I think is that we never know when shows are on anymore. Yeah, shipping and romance and all that jazz can drive ideas, but it boils down to scheduling during the spring makes NO sense. Sara’s storyline (for example) feels seriously disjointed at this point because the eps since Forget Me Not have been so scattered. Forget Me Not was in February and we’ve barely seen her since. No wonder we keep hoping for some kind of resolution to the storyline – the flow of the storytelling was broken thanks to the spring schedule.

    Advertising WORKS, networks. Just ask the guys at USA. You can’t turn on the channel without another ad for whatever TV show they’ve got going right now. It’s annoying but you know they’re on. The spring schedule needs to be revamped. If they want to rely heavily on the November and May sweeps times, then shows should premiere in November and there needs to be fewer breaks in between shows. Momentum is hard to sustain when you keep having to take timeouts. (Just ask any NBA player who gets their fast break broken because a coach calls a time out.)

  2. That is so spot on. Why they insist on ruining GSR, is beyond me. I’ve tried & failed to come up with a reason. I don’t understand what the current writers are doing. I completely agree, show has totally changed, & not for the better.
    & I hate this new…. Triangle? If you can call it that.

    1. Gilandsara4ever

      Wow. Completely agree! Every part of that article was completely right on!!! It’s so frustrating that the new writers either don’t see what we see or just don’t care what we want.

      I once called csi my favorite show and i still do watch it every week but i miss the days of old like the I95 murders, Paul midlander, the blue paint killer, the experiments that grissom kept in the fridge, how gil used to hand out assignments to everyone in the break room at start of shift, and as much as she hurt sara even Hanna’s character was good. If I take the time to pull a csi DVD out of the cupboard to watch, it’s from season 7 or earlier with a few exceptions ( which is like 1 or 2 good ones from anything after season 8).

      I love and miss gsr. Gil and sara were made for each other and in one interview Jorja said that when she auditioned for the role of sara, her card said “love interest for grissom”. Even from the start, the writers had a vision for gsr… I really hope the current writers understand how much the old episodes mean and how much gsr needs to make it:)

      1. Beautifully written. My sentiments exactly 😕 I’m way more excited to watch old DVDs than the new episodes (currently on season 4 😀 ) I think because the show’s been so, I guess you can say off it’s game, I’ve been less invested in hoping for a GSR reconciliation. After this most recent episode, now I’m thinking about it and I hope they get back together.

      2. Gilandsara4ever

        I know I am in the minority but I honestly thought the end scene was positive. My first thought when the wife was talking about remembering the moments was Sara’s video to Gil in “leave out all the rest” when she talked about the remembering the moments:)

        Also, I really think the scene with hodges was great! She wouldn’t have joked about the situation if things weren’t good for her. Some think sara is moving on… I respectively disagree. Sara has never moved on from anything. Lol. Her character stores everything up and keeps it with her. IF the writers have her moving on (already) I think that’s lame because that would be totally out if character for her. I would be very upset.

  3. These new writers aren’t writers, just hacks trying to re invent the wheel. Back to basics folks, CSI’s do not chase the criminals as DB’s character and Finn’s character seems to do. Always the emphasis has been on the police protecting the CSI. Now they go in guns first without a cop in sight. I might just as well be watching re runs of CSI Miami in that case if I wanted a soap opera. Interfering with the basic premise and then disregarding the first 8 good seasons …. Season 14 will be the last I predict. There are just no decent plots or writers anymore. The fanfiction writers can write better stories, and GSR is ever present if not always in the front row. Nothing needs to happen with them. They just ARE!

  4. This is a great review, and is spot on when referring to the show as more of a spin-off. If it weren’t for the destruction of GSR, I would at least be trying to enjoy the show. Now, I don’t want to bother. Why oh why couldn’t they just leave their marriage alone? Their break-up has tainted the whole series for me.

  5. In order .. We agree that these writers are not the case sufisiente for CSI … And since we’re already going down that path, without meaning or purpose, should do a protest for them come out or whatever.
    I heard that at the time that Jorja left the Csi, people who had sent money to her, so I think she knows egente there (hopefully). Nobody did it with Billy, and I do not know why more about the protest, not to go in front of their set and lead several posters disendo: resign. So let’s send messages to Jorja augo or so. This will not bring Billy back, more will make them remember that agent exist. Well it’s a stupid idea .. What do do more when it is CSI fan u can not expect anything too big since they do not pay attention.
    😛 💡 😥

  6. Agreed. Over the years, Hodges has been a (mostly) welcome relief among some of the really dark episodes – and I am quite fond of him, although I find it hard to take him seriously – and don’t have the slightest bit of interest in his love life. Nothing against the actress (Elizabeth?), but I don’t find Morgan credible as a CSI for some reason. I struggle to care about her. Don’t know what the point of Elizabetta is at all. Aside from this (and the unnecessary GSR split), another gripe I have with the new writers is the Disney-esque, sappy speeches at the end of episodes now. *puke*

    1. Completely agree. And glad to know I’m not the only one that gets the weird vibe from Morgan. I too don’t think she is credible as a CSI…. What they’ve done this season has been unnecessary.

      1. Gilandsara4ever

        Haha nat! You were waiting for someone to agree with you about Morgan!

      2. Yes!! See that’s why I love my JFO community so much. Lol no matter what I think, my opinion, there’s always at least one other person that agrees with me:))

    2. If they would have let Liz Vassey stay, there would have been no problem. And talk about a lousy way out of character scene! They really had a chemistry.

  7. Acho que os novos escritores querem mudar tudo, como se CSI estivesse recomeçando, pras pessoas que não acompanham desde o inicio gostarem. Mas e quanto a nós, o público das antigas? Nós gostamos de assassinos seriais que fazem algum CSI de vítima, gostamos de um personagem carismático que ninguém bota defeito, gostamos de ver amigos se reunindo no final de um episódio e relembrando coisas que já aconteceram.
    Tudo o que restou agora foi relembrar a época da equipe de Gil Grissom, aquela sala cheia de insetos nas paredes, aquele feto de porco… São coisas que foram tiradas de propósito porque eles queriam recomeçar.
    Mas é o público quem decide o que quer assistir, e nós queremos ver o antigo CSI, o CSI que não era monótono e sem pessoas novas por todos os lados.
    Não que eu esteja reclamando dos novos personagens. Os atores são muito bons. Mas eles não tem uma história no CSI, como Nick, Sara, Greg, Hodges, Brass, ou até mesmo Ecklie.
    Sobraram poucos dos personagens que tem uma história pra contar, e os novos escritores querem mudar essa história. Mas nós não queremos que isso mude!
    Alguém concorda? Por que não foi fácil escrever tanto nesse comentário! 😛

  8. Right on. Hodges has grown on me, but I don’t need to see stories about his love life. His girlfriend seems shady to me.

    What was the point of killing GSR? No one talks about their spouse or SO all that much at work in my experience. We talk shop, or baseball, or about the weather.

  9. I miss the Grissom-Sara relationship. The development was interesting. But I never found the G-S-H triangle (if one can call it that) all that compelling. I suppose that compared to the H-M-M one is beyond boring, it’s cringe-worthy. Not getting this year’s direction either.

  10. Eu concordo… sim, eu acho!
    Kangoru says:
    mais é complicado por que nos somos do brasil então agente não pode fazer nada. Agora esses dai que são dos estados unidos deveriam fazer algo mais não fazem. “Covarde é uma boa palavra para definilos.” Tipo, se eu morace nos estados unidos eu é claroq eu faria um protesto, para os produtores se demitirem.. mais como não da né? :mrgreen: 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 :mrgreen:

  11. Absolutely agreed with this article! This triangle is even sort of ruining the established Hodges character. Greg or Nick would have been a far better choice for a love triangle, seeing the writers have an allergy to letting them have any kind of relationship at all! And why does Jorja Fox get so little screen time even though she is the most senior actress in there? Also, they took about 10 seasons to unite Sara and Grissom, sent him away, gave a single guest appearance in 2 seasons, and then broke the relationship almost because they had nothing else to do! Sorry to say this about my favorite show, but CSI has lost its beauty in the last few seasons.

    1. I hate to say it too, but you’re exactly right & I agree with everything. I feel like this season has been sort of a mess & I’m afraid of how it’ll effect how long the show lasts. I do not want it to end after s14, but I’m afraid for it if it doesn’t get cleaned up & the writers don’t get their act together.
      I’m praying next season will be amazing & everything that’s happened this season that we don’t like, will improve, get fixed & be even better next season, season after, & the season after that! Fingers crossed 🙂

      1. Now that’s some optimism! I mean when they brought Ray in as a level 1 and had him lead the entire team, I thought it couldn’t get more weird! Anyways, if they don’t mend GSR by next season, I won’t be watching the season after that, better or worse! The old reruns will be good enough for me, thank you!

  12. I hate to say this but the show is no longer interesting the TPTB and the writers have gone away from what the show was all about solving crimes and the science. The show seems to be focusing on DB and FINN and Hodges and all of his drama and turning the show into a soap opera. This year it seems that they have pushed all of the original cast members to the back burner which I hate because I love to see Gregg and Brass. They lost my respect when they broke up Gil and Sara it broke my heart. I have been DVR the show and watching it on the weekends.

  13. I hated Lady Heather so this article completely missed the bus on that one.

    I miss the GSR, but I would have been content with Sara episodes and a referance now and then to the Bug Guy.

    I do want more Brass and Greg. A little more Nick too. That being said the crimes would be good.

    The breaking up of the GSR finished me. I have not watched since. I probably would have loved to see Sara last night, but the episode would have most likely left me sad.

    I do not believe that TPTB will put the GSR back together, so really the show holds nothing for me anymore.

    Love Jorja though.

    1. Yeah, the way the show runs now, no one would believe that Sara and Nick and Greg and Brass have been around for about 10 years, and Finn and DB are comparatively rookies! I mean it’s like they run CSI, and the seniors are their just to watch their life and drama!

  14. I tend to agree with a lot of what has been said, but am going to approach it from another angle. First, was Naren Shankar and David Rambo leaving before Season 10-11. They were the best writers that CSI had. Secondly, there would be no “triangle” if CSI had not let Liz Vassey (Wendy) go. Her and Hodges had a chemistry that was off the charts. I did not care for Langston leaving so it was no big deal. Hodges and Wendy were drawing a fan base of their own my and my guess was it was taking the spotlight off some of the main characters. And then there was Meddling Mendelsohn and Ann Donohue. Their “new direction” was their downfall. I go with the old saying, “if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it” I kept track for at least two seasons and after Vassey, Shankar, and Rambo left, the ratings and reviews started dropping. And to me Ted Danson was positively the worst. He reminded me of a refuge from the 60’s with his van and waxing philosophical Hippie/coffee house approach to everything. I know I lived through that era in CA.

    The stories have become less like science and solving crimes and more like soap operas. And redundancy has run amuck. Kidnappings, implied romantic inferences, and even shows that have been closely related to past episodes. And where are the Lab rats? They lent a lot of funny moments to the show. Now we have an ex bartender, a Shue that don’t fit, and a cheerleader solving crimes. I am like one of the other persons who quit watching the show when Wendy left. In fact, about 5000 of us vowed to if they did not bring her back.

    I have a website called “Liz and the Lab Rats” where I bring in reviews of episodes and ratings along with my own thoughts. Drop in some time. Lastly, for me it is not necessarily advertising. Who wants to sponsor a show with bad writers, bad plots, and some people who do not belong?

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