Vegan Health and Fitness Article Sneak Peek

The magazine comes out June 11th, but you can read the sneak peek now. Here’s an excerpt, telling you how Jorja got to play a vegetarian. Twice.

Jorja says that she’s very proud to play vegetarian characters, and although the story lines were not her idea, she says “I did go to bat for pigs on both occasions.” On ER one of the writers, invited Jorja to practice doing sutures. He suggested that she take a pig’s foot home for the weekend. Jorja asked him if there were any other options and he said, “Why? Are you a vegetarian?” He traded out the pig’s foot for an eggplant and asked if he could make the character (Maggie Doyle) vegetarian too. She was thrilled.

On CSI, a situation arose where a pig’s body was to be used to recreate the timeline of a woman’s murder. When Jorja read the script, she called the writer to ask if a fake pig would be used, and he also asked, “Why? Are you a vegetarian?” Once again her character (Sara Sidle) became a vegetarian too. Since then, Jorja’s CSI character has gotten to do some pretty cool things in relation to her vegetarianism, and CSI has highlighted several animal welfare issues including shark fin soup, canned hunting, and dog fighting.

You can read the ‘rest’ of the sneak peek on Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine, or read the transcription on JFO’s Wiki: Vegan Health and Fitness (Summer 2013).

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  1. I’ll probably wait until I can read the article online but it’s so good to read stuff like this. I really like that the writers have been more than willing to jump at working within the bounds of her being a vegetarian. If only real life was more like that.

    Thanks for posting this!

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