“Buzz Kill” Screencaps and Recap

An buzz worthy episode for some high times.

Jorja - Buzz Kill

Sara doesn’t like my jokes but she was in a lot more of this episode. In fact, she was in so many scenes it was a four-star for just that alone! If we’d had more than one tidbit thrown our way about her personal life (Space Bob, heh), we’d be at five! This was the first episode they filmed, and apparently while there had been a plan to film multiples, they’ve not done so yet. Well. Okay then!

Next week, expect a late recap/screencap, I’ll be overseas. Yikes! I’ll be keeping up with posting, but video may be tricky. When you see next week, you’ll understand why Jorja wasn’t in a lot of “The CSI Effect.” Seriously. Looooots of screentime. Five stars for sure.

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  1. I enjoyed this episode as a whole quite a bit. It was an interesting & unexpected plot twist they pulled off at the end. As for Jorja’s scenes, my favorites were her marijuana talks with Hodges: “That’s not a compliment to either of you.” xD Also, it was fun to see Hulk Sara rear her head again.

    1. @Kelli: The writers of CSI have used the plot twist of having the victim really being the mastermind behind the crime many times. In my opinion to many times; but at the end having the wife try to bribe DB was funny but sad. Hulk Sara going off on that bookie was fun.

      1. @Winnipeg: I was just about to post the EXACT same thing! You could probably have a season worth of episodes where the victim is the mastermind…. I hate to complain after only the 2nd episode, but…. ya know… This episode was ok, I LOVED Sara’s screen time, but, I hope this episode isn’t a reflection of the season as a whole, or Sara’s story this season either. I’m looking for and hoping to see something with a little more meat to it… (and maybe more than one case an ep? I KNOW and FULLY understand they shoot more than one ep at a time, I’ve heard the excuse a million times and that’s their decision, I just don’t see how that has anything to do with the quality/story line for the ep…? They’ve done it before, used to do it all the time, so just don’t really get why the last 2ish seasons are different is all.. but of course, minor(?) detail in the big scheme of things ๐Ÿ™„ )

      2. @Natalie: There are very few new/original 100% cases on any TV show anymore. The stories are all similar. It’s not the whodunnit that gets me, though, it’s the howdunnit. I would have loved more time on how she pulled it all off.

  2. I think CSI should have finished, but I still watch and is now much better than that boring it was half of the ninth and tenth season, with part of the first tenth bad. It takes realism. To complete series today beautiful 15 years, but even if that glory was there for the seventh season and look there.

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