Sara is concerned for Brass

“Dead In His Tracks” Discussion Post

Sara is concerned for BrassThe CSIs investigate a present-day crime with ties to a mob heist that occurred 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Brass has a decision to make when his daughter attempts suicide.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Wednesday, May 7 at 10/9c. Treat Williams guest stars.

If you want to cry, watch Paul’s heartbreaking scene with Ellie alone at eOnline’s sneak peek.

Talk about the episode here, and recap and screencaps will be in the morning, as usual.

10 thoughts on ““Dead In His Tracks” Discussion Post”

  1. Helly Bradley-Wyatt

    I can’t believe I have to wait until tomorrow to watch, although in another way at least it is still one more day for me until the end of the season!! I don’t want Paul to leave! But I am glad that jorja will return!

  2. PAUL :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( One for each season… Love these people, he will be miss 🙁

  3. I’ve been having some Internet problems and I was able to see only parts of the episode. Or I only head a voice, but no picture… ❓ 🙁 but Russell said something about being cautious or did I hear wrong? And what I understood from the small parts, case was not easily solved. Twists and turns make CSI even more interesting. I hope I’ll get to see the whole episode soon.

    When Brass was talking to Ellie alone, I clearly saw his pain, confusion, regret, quilt… Way to go Paul…

    But the main questions I have, are: did they explain where Brass went? And was it really made clear that he left? I mean of course we all know that he left, but… But hey, at least they didn’t kill him off…

    And I also find it really nice that he had a conversation with Sara. Their conversation was so heart warming and realistic. I mean thinking about Sara’s history (altought has it ever been said how much he knows?) and what kind of a relationship she and Brass have. If it would have been someone else than Sara, that scene wouldn’t have had so much impact -at least not to me.

    Sorry about all the mistakes, I tried my best, but my dad’s iPad only understands Finnish. 😀

    1. @Katriina: It was weird to me. I felt that if you didn’t know it was Brass’ lasy episode, you wouldn’t actually KNOW he was leaving. That last scene, drinking in the office, made me think he was going to kill himself. ❓ 😐

  4. It will be interesting to see if they are going to mention Brass or his leaving when the new season beguns. Or are they just going to leave it that way and let us wonder where he went… And to be honest, suicide did come to my mind too – feels good to know that I’m not the only one…

    Well at least Brass’s farewell was something totally different from the previous ones. Before this it has been made clear that this character left and also where he/ she went (well at least main characters); Wendy took a new job, Sara ended up to Costa Rica jungle and Grissom followed her, Warrick’s died, Catherine joined FBI…

    I kinda miss Laura Sidle after Sara’s and Brass’s conversation…

  5. Im confused, that didn’t seems like Paul’s last episode cause they didn’t even give him an exit from the show like they did when Jorja and Billy left the show.

    1. @Becka B.:
      You’re not the only one. I kinda understood his reasoning, but it was still pretty…lame.

      If I would just watch the episode without reading spoilers, I don’t think I would have figured it out that he is leaving. I would propably have been like good for you for speaking with your daugter.

      Maybe when that episode is in finnish tv, I would have known. Specially if they write it into a magazine that this is PG last episode.

      1. @Katriina: I think everyone was confused, and had they not told us it was his last episode, we wouldn’t have known. Sadness and confusion. 😕 ❓ It’s a soft exit, though. I guess only CSIs get real good-byes and the cops just fade away.

        Well, except Riley and Langston.

  6. OK, the ending wasn’t what I was expecting, I have to say the whole season was a big disappointment… I might not be watching the next one (your reviews and recaps are all I need – THANK you Mika for doing everything you’re doin here, it’s remarkable job!) 😉

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