Lions and Elephants and Screenings, Oh My!

Two weeks ago, I had a lovely chat with the folks from Lion Ark (tl;dr they didn’t know I’d moved West and wanted me to go to Wisconsin for the showing there). So while I did miss the local showing in my (general) area due to work, there are some screenigns you should know about.

These are the only showings right now. I did ask about plans to distribute nationally, and they want to get it on TV if possible, but as a small film like this, it’s really hard to get distribution.

Which is why this year’s birthday fundraising goes to ADI. Donate via CrowdRise at (or click the picture below) and the money magically goes to ADI no matter how much we raise.

Crowdrise_logo_326x80You do need a credit card, sorry, but this is the safest and most secure way about it.

And lest you think lions are the only ones having a good winter, there’s good news on the HIBaE front as well!

See? Happiness for all!


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