Pissed About The Scheduling Drama?

You’re not alone! but … Bitching to me or @csi_cbs or even the lovely @csiwritersroom won’t help. What will help is a focused barrage of complaints.

Option 1) Go to http://audienceservices.cbs.com/feedback/feedback.htm and tell them how annoyed you are that the show you love is being bumped around.

Option 2) Old school. Send them a letter

Les Moonves
51 W 52nd St, Suite 35
New York, NY 10019-6119

Nina Tassler
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2112

I do not advocate emailing Carol Mendelsohn, this isn’t something she can fix. In all cases, please remember to be polite.

Oh and yes, I know about the Change.org petition to move CSI back to a weeknight. Go for it, but I promise you a direct barrage works better.

9 thoughts on “Pissed About The Scheduling Drama?”

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  2. So happy I can time shift and watch CSI in time zones all over Canada. The Sunday night time slot may cause the cancellation of CSI. Too bad. The series should have had a couple more years.

  3. Thanks for doing your homework. I agree, a handwritten letter might be more effective. I just noticed when I posted this page’s URL to my timeline the picture reads BS…Totally appropriate as this scheduling switcharoo is bulls#*t.

    1. @ILoveJorja:

      Especially yesterday’s. The game didn’t even run late. It finished on time and then switched to the last half hour or so of a different game!

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