Morgan and Sara hug it out

Re-Recap and Screencaps of “Girls Gone Wilder”

Hi again.

So yay, it finally aired! What did you think? I enjoyed the episode, personally. The last scene with Sara and Morgan was worth the re-watch. Finn was oddly apart from them for most of the episode, which was an interesting choice I felt.

It’s still a five star episode and it’s still got 213 images. Enjoy!

Next week is “The Twin Paradox” complete with Sara.

10 thoughts on “Re-Recap and Screencaps of “Girls Gone Wilder””

  1. <3 I loved it! The tampon scene cracks me up. Its something we've discussed in clinic. The end made me cry again!! Glad the girls did get some relaxation. I really want to give Sara a new purse lol.

    1. @Kim: I was actually taught how to use a tampon as a tamponade (see? etymology for the win!) in a class for dealing with disasters. Post 9-11 was a fun time to work in a 100 story building. We all had to take classes about how to save lives. I got the extra classes and was a safety monitor.

  2. I loved it! Great acting all around and we got to see a range from comedy to drama. Like I said in a different post, it is episodes like these that really highlight Sara’s growth as a character. Anyway, my personal favorite moment was the go-go dancing scene and Sara &Morgan’s contrasting reactions.

  3. Not since Grave Danger and Dead Doll has a CSI episode been so intense, thrilling, nail-biting, riveting…insert similar adjectives here. There was good chemistry with all the female CSIs and all of them had outstanding performances. I heard a collective intake of breath all over the planet when Sara explained the difference between true love and a fling–and then an exhale when Grissom’s name was not mentioned. How I wish she could have said one positive comment about her marriage then. I did not miss Nick one bit. All I could see him do in this episode was go charging in with guns blazing ahead of the SWAT team, and I’ve had too much of Marshal Stokes in the Wild West. Henry, yes, he is missed this season, and of course Jim Brass leaves a huge gap.
    I also liked how Sara Sidle the experienced and dedicated CSI, keen observer, senior criminalist, is getting her just praise. 5 Stars. I’ve seen it twice online and once on air and it grips me and takes me on a wild ride every time. How cool is it that 15 seasons in and they can still produce such a good story? If only CBS realized the gold that is mined every week. And not treat it as an afterthought.

      1. if it;s an elephant in the room then it’s about time it was addressed. Put Grissom back unseen in Vegas and let Sara be with her “One & only” and let her be happy. She is the same independant, headstrong woman no matter what and it would be nice to see that extra bounce in her step again Cracking episode though we could do with a few more like that.

      2. @debbie: Yeaaaaah that won’t make people as happy as you seem to think it will.

        If you would reflect on how people were bitching that we never saw Grissom when they were married, just intensify that by a million.

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