Sara and Morgan at the scene of the car dump

“Rubbery Homicide” Screencaps and Recap

Another good episode. CSI has always done a decent job with kink. Interestingly, I’d watched Kinky Boots right before this episode…

Sara and Morgan at the scene of the car dump

The downside? Well. This was kind of a Greg episode, but not really. If I did score for Greg, I’d have given in 4 stars. Since I score for Sara, it gets 3 and a sad recap, since there wasn’t anything personal about Sara to really touch on. The best I can say is her jump to a theory reminds me of “Face Lift”, and that’s a nice shout back.

Next week is “Let’s Make a Deal” but it doesn’t have Sara.

8 thoughts on ““Rubbery Homicide” Screencaps and Recap”

  1. Liked the episode, kind of predicted it was someone from her family though. Excited for episode 12, when do you think we will get any info on it? Don’t really know anything but titles past next episode.

    1. @Flybuggg: As soon as the daughter said her mom would have kicked the guy’s ass, I knew she did it. Did not peg the dad as the dresser-upper, though. I thought it’d be the gardener or something. Nice twist on love unwilling to let go 🙂

      I know nothing about any ep past the next one, actually!

  2. I really enjoyed this episode, and as usual, great acting from everyone! Can I just say though, that this is the first episode of CS I to seriously freak me out? To each their own and more power to anyone who wants to dress up as a furry, a doll, engage in BDSM, etc., but those dolls were nightmare fuel! If this is a real phenomenon, I hope to stay far, far away from these clubs.

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