Summer in Nova Scotia?

While Le Fox tweeted that she was in France

A fan caught a picture with her in Nova Scotia (click the link to see it)

Maybe she stopped off to see family before leaving? All my relatives in Canada are in Toronto area, but they lived in Montreal for years.

6 thoughts on “Summer in Nova Scotia?”

  1. Mika, it seems the picture is not showing up correctly for some reason. i had to refresh the page, nothing pop up yet.

  2. I think Jorja was left mostly to herself on Sunday. As ship’s photog I kept my camera down. Hope she found the ceremony apropos and meaningful?

    1. @I URQUHART: Oh so you were there? What was the ship, if you don’t mind sharing since it’s all over (I hate posting where she is as it happens, cause some fans are creepers, so I totes understand any hesitancy!)

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