Suspicious Sara is suspicious

“The Twin Paradox” Screencaps and Recap

That was a good episode! Sara and hints of foster care are always awesome. She flinched just so at the right moment and made me want to feed her soup.

Suspicious Sara is suspicious

The plot was good, too, even for me who hasn’t really been paying attention to the Gig Harbor plotline (I tend to fast-forward if there’s no Sara in the scene). Finn’s also logging a lot of air time this season, and a lot of … er … well. How many boyfriends, exactly? Though this one is a little worse than the others. I mean, yow. Poor Greg, too. He needed a hug!

I nearly gave this four stars, and I’m willing to re-adjust, even though Sara wasn’t the main part of the case.

Next week is “Road To Recovery” but it doesn’t have Sara so I’ll be napping in prep for Thanksgiving the next week.

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  1. Seriously! Finn really knows how to pick ’em! I did like that bit where you could see the gears turning after the Vic freaked out when she saw him, though.

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