Who Will Die on CSI?

From The Eye at Fashion and Style:

No one escapes alive.

At least, that’s what the promo for Sunday’s episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” would have us believe. In the preview for ‘Bad Blood’, Sara (Jorja Fox) and Greg (Eric Szmanda) aren’t looking so hot — and it’s no wonder, as, while investigating a crime scene, they’re exposed to a deadly virus with a crushing fatality rate of 80%.

From the looks of it, the virus hits one of the pair harder than the other. At one point in the promo, we see a pale, sweaty Sara collapse to the floor while Greg looks on helplessly.

Unfortunately, Russell (Ted Danson) doesn’t have much time to worry about his friends and co-workers, since the pathogen ended up on planes headed to four different continents. Still, that doesn’t stop a concerned Russell from giving the pair direct orders not to die.

The official synopsis for ‘Bad Blood’ reads:

Sara and Greg are quarantined after responding to a crime scene that’s contaminated with a deadly pathogen.

12 thoughts on “Who Will Die on CSI?”

  1. I want greater participation of the original csi: How can we get this to the writers? want to listen to us!

    1. @judith: Seeing as you’re on a FAN website, the answer is ‘Not here.’

      You can write to the show as you’d like, but I don’t support that sort of complaint because I don’t find it to be constructive.

  2. Thank Goodness the newest “Girls Gone Wild” episode hasn’t aired yet. Unless that’s a flashback we know Sara survives tonight’s episode.

    1. @Abracadaver: they always live, well except for Warrick, other than that they all live. Only on csi do crime scene investigators constantly get targeted by serial killers and almost get blown up by bombs.

  3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    “Bad Blood” Joined my box of favorite series. I was just in awe. Спасибо за еще одну отличную серию.

  4. Unless there’s a humdinger of another episode with Sara, this one will be the first I watch next year when Season 15 hits DVD. That may happen in Spring or Summer since the season will end its run in February.

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