Jorja and Billy

CSI Finale Recap: Day Eight

These are from yesterday. I was up from 3am and forgot to add them to yesterday’s post. Sorry about that.

From Marg is a cute drawing.

I like to pretend that this is Jorja trying to explain Twitter to Billy.

And that’s the end of day five of filming!

But David Berman snapped this:

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Day 666 (Zuiker made the joke first!) begins.

Sara doesn’t look very happy, does she?

Grissom’s watching Sara’s back.

And solving crime!

14 thoughts on “CSI Finale Recap: Day Eight”

      1. @Winnipeg: Being apart is not the same as ‘not my husband.’ And the writers did confirm it was a divorce. I refuse to accept the alternative, which means Sara was cheating on Grissom when she went out on the date with that guy :/

  1. Billy has his arm around Jorja or Grissom has his arm around Sara?Scene or behind the scenes?

  2. That black and white photo of Billy and Jorja just might be my new favorite of the two of them. I love how relaxed and comfortable they look around each other. Very sweet.

    Glasses really look good on Jorja, I wish she’d wear them as Sara.

  3. I don’t think we’ll ever see another show that will have as much impact. It was the original of its genre, and all the rest are just imitators. Going to be hard to say goodbye…

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