CSI Finale Recap: Day Seven

How did we get here already?

Yesterday we learned that Lady Heather was back, and Sara interrogates her.

Looks like Sara’s still doing some interrogation. Even odds says it’s still Heather.

Then it was back to the lab for some tense science.

13 thoughts on “CSI Finale Recap: Day Seven”

    1. @Susan McNicoll: awesome, isn’t it. To think that this is from a future unseen episode. Yet I looked at it and thought for a second- looks like some scene from 10 years ago..

      1. @Laura: Me too. It really is like a flashback. Thankfully it is not s dream sequence (at least I hope not!) and we will see them all together again soon. It is all just so horribly bittersweet.

  1. Doesn’t seem like lady heather was there today, could her filming be done? If so that means she probably won’t have a big part? It seems like Sara and Grissom are in almost all the scenes so far. No Ted yet?

  2. Has anyone else seen the reflection of Grissom (or so I think) in the close up pic of Sara (pic # 3)?
    I couldn’t figure out why Sara was wearing a watch on her neck, first I thought it was some funky kind of new necklace but then I noticed the outline of somebody wearing glasses. I guess Griss is observing the interrogation?

      1. @Julie:
        Oh, that never even entered my mind. I’ve been feeling a little giddy with happiness lately and am obviously seeing things that aren’t there 🙂

  3. Hmmm, Sara doesn’t seem to be real jazzed about having Lady Heather around.

    (Is it just me or do Jorja and Marg never seem to look older. Good genes I guess.)

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