The Last Ride

“The Last Ride” Recap and Screencaps

It was a nice return to Sassy Sara. Bumping the car to activate the alarm and pushing back on the brothers, while still being sensitive to the parents of the dead girl.

This gets four stars just based on the sheer amount of Sara. And for being a good episode.

And now we have a break until February 15th. Which is good. I need a nap!

Edit: If you missed it, the ratings were up 24% and 33% from the last two eps of CSI. TV Line‘s report is up. The evidence is in. CSI does just awesome on a week night.

12 thoughts on ““The Last Ride” Recap and Screencaps”

  1. I really enjoyed this one. It was a lot like the CSI of the “old” days. 🙂 I loved the whole gangster connection, etc.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): I wonder if it’s someone who is current or maybe Conrad who is on and off. The last time they said they were killing off someone, it turned out not to be one of the main, seasoned characters.

      2. @Sharron: That was my initial thought as well, but I’ve been getting pretty solid vibes they’re serious this time. I mean, they’re NOT pimping it, except in that one suite of articles, so maybe they’re not yanking our chains.

      3. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): Well, we will have the answer soon. If the show is not renewed, I guess, in a way, it really doesn’t make any difference as to what character goes, but I still hope it’s not Sara! I guess that’s a give!

  2. I did love how sassy Sara was in this episode. xD “What? Sorry, can’t hear you.” That bit was awesome! And so was right before when she looks at Finn and says “I got this” then saunters over to the car like a boss.

  3. Just love Sara with her “I got this!” I, too, noticed the assistant to Dave which makes me think he or Dr. Robbins are the ones to get killed. I have to say, much as I love them, I would prefer that to Greg or Sara. I really hope you are right Ipstenu and we get at least a half season for CSI to finish off its run. For all it has done for CBS it really deserves it.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu):
        Without knowing the final episode plot line and based on the new Coroner Assistant “Jimmy” I would put my money on Super Dave departing. Only reason I can give is that Doc Robbins very rarely leaves the morgue; but if it is Super Dave I’m going to miss his gentleness and quiet humor.

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