“Under My Skin” and “The End Game” Discussion Post

One last time into the breach for Season 15!

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“CSI” Will Air Two Back-to-Back Original Episodes to Conclude the Season

Lisa Rinna Guest Stars in the First Hour as Tori Nolan, The Wife of the Director of the San Diego Crime Lab

Guest Stars in the 15th Season Finale Include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Paul Winthrop, Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw and Eric Roberts as Daniel Larson

“Under My Skin” – The CSI team investigates a murder with ties to two teenaged kidnapped girls, on the first of back-to-back original episodes of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, at a special time, Sunday, Feb. 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Lisa Rinna guest stars as Tori Nolan, the wife of the director of the San Diego Crime Lab.

“The End Game” – The CSI unit faces the final showdown with the Gig Harbor killer whose motives are finally revealed. Meanwhile, Nick Stokes makes a decision that will affect the entire team moving forward, on the 15th season finale of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Sunday, Feb. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Paul Winthrop, Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw and Eric Roberts as Daniel Larson.

CHEAT TWEET: Back 2 back eps of #CSI & the final showdown with the Gig Harbor Killer! 15th #seasonfinale 2/15 9-11pm ET/PT http://bit.ly/1F39Pk1

Source: CBS Press Express


And no, no one can see the ‘exclusive’ video on People.com. Yes, I reported it.


19 thoughts on ““Under My Skin” and “The End Game” Discussion Post”

  1. Soooooo, did I blink and missed it? Not sure who was supposed to have died. Not a very good finale in my opinion, definitely sick of them
    Always revolving around finn. It’s upsetting because I was really looking forward to it.

    1. @Flybuggg: I think someone spoiled a lie, or rather got things all screwed up. No one died. Finn’s life is left in a rather Holly Gribbs like balance though.

      That’s a hell of a parallel. First ep of CSI, Nick closes case 100 and Holly Gribbs is shot and in a coma. O_o

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu):
        Finn is dying, the part of someone from the beginning dying, was that said that it was from the beginning of the show??
        or was it someone who had been there from the beginning with the harbor gig killer?

  2. Well, I can’t say I was surprised by the fact that no on we thought was gonna die did or the Finn’s in trouble again, but I’m happy everyone we care about lived! Also, I think Nick’s send off was the best one yet!

  3. I’d also like to say that Jorja was awesome in both eps! I liked seeing Sara step up and take charge a bit. I also thought Jorja was looking particularly vibrant.

  4. Sarra was awesome in both eps, so great when she takes charge. I was pretty disappointed in the whole episode though, in my opinion not the best. I liked under my skin a lot better. Hopefully there is a season 16 and it’s Sara centric. Oh not liking the whole finn in a coma thing, not many of them seemed to broken up about it. Which I’m ok with, I like finn just not how much screen time she gets.

  5. At one point last night I thought Officer Mitchell was the one that was going to die (during the take down of Winthrop) and I also thought that DB was having a heart attack while he was dealing with Winthrop. I always knew that Sara was a take charge type and the crew definitely respects her judgement.

    I’m guessing that next season Sara will be DB’s number 2 till Finn gets back and probable afterwards, too. If next season is the last the end Sara will be promoted to Supervisor while DB retires back to Seattle.

    1. @Winnipeg: Now that would be a pretty full circle way to end the series!

      On the subject of Finn, I always expected either her or Russell to be the ones in danger in the end. The whole storyline of the Gig Harbor Killer was centered on their history with Winthrop & Briscoe. It made sense that one of them would be a target. Also, Finn fits the profile.

  6. I meant to post my comment here and not under the next post so I will just repeat part of it here. I wonder if they had taped two endings and were hoping the show would be renewed and then they would go with the death ending. As they did not know they went with the gentler ending in case this is the end of CSI. I especially felt that when they had Nick’s flashbacks that included Grissom. Hope it lives to see year 16. Both were great Sara episodes.

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