Two Hour CSI Finale on Sept 27 – With Grissom

From CBS Press Express:

the two-hour series finale farewell for CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION on Sunday, Sept. 27, reuniting original cast members including William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger.



To start the season, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION will have a special two-hour series finale farewell. Then, CSI: CYBER will move in at 10:00 PM to carry on the CSI legacy, with Emmy Award winner Ted Danson joining Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette on the cast.

Wait. WHAT!? Ted Danson is joining CSI: Cyber?

I officially have no idea what’s going on, but hey look! GRISSOM!!!!

Edited to add:

Grissom & Sara. It’s on.

Edited again to add news from

You Don’t Want To Miss The Epic CSI Series Finale
Fan favorites return, while a star carries on the CSI legacy.

33 thoughts on “Two Hour CSI Finale on Sept 27 – With Grissom”

  1. Wow!! Disappointed for only 2 hours, but insanely excited for Grissom and Marg and GSR! They better be repairing it though. Ted danson moving to cyber is crazy, wonder what happens with Vegas. Maybe Grissom comes back. Maybe Sara takes over…wow!!

    1. @Flybuggg: Maybe Sara kills Grissom and is the subject of the season of CSI Cyber?

      In a way, I’d love to see her go to Cyber. In another, and this is a much stronger feeling, I want her to get away from CBS. Do something comedy for a change.

  2. Wow! At least we get a chance to have a decent sendoff. Thrilled to see that Billy and Marg agreed to come back. Hopefully, GSR will be repaired. I’ll definitely miss CSI – especially Jorja, but the fans get something out of it.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): I love this picture. Seems like Zuiker was not part of the group that was throwing red herrings at the fans the last couple seasons, so we’ll hope for the best. πŸ™‚

  3. Well, they did it! The 1-2 punch of ending The Mentalist and CSI on the same year, only CBS! 😑 πŸ˜₯

    It’s very sad they’re doing this to CSI of all shows, you know. Don’t tell me they couldn’t have a 13 episode season because of ratings, ’cause they’ve been carrying The Good Wife with low ratings for many seasons now.

    Good luck to Ted on Cyber ’cause they’re gonna need it. I’m gonna be very honest here and say I really don’t think it’s gonna change much, but hey, who knows…

    Anyway, at least we have good news! Billy, Marg, and, of course GSR!!! Please let it be a perfect GSR ending, please?!

    1. @Danie: Zuiker’s rather pro-GSR and he’s writing it, so … signs point to yes.

      I can’t watch CSI: Cyber. It’s too laughable to anyone in the tech industry. Ted may make it better, but no Jorja means no me.

  4. Disappointed it is only two hours but very excited re Sara and Grissom. If it went any longer (mini series) they would likely not have persuaded Billy to come back. I hope, as I said elsewhere, that this is a going forward happy kind of ending and that this is not all flashbacks showing how Grissom left her. I know it is only tv but if they do not have a happy ending for GSR after all it meant to the show…..

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): ahhh… but remembering the “seconds” of Sara we received as Grissom reunited in the Costa Rican jungle – ohhh, a “second” of Grissom in that context? Yeah…that would be enough for me!

  5. mvespinoza2011

    I don’t like this!
    They probably bring some Catherine and Grissom’s memories… flashbacks! Like Susan McNicoll said
    Grissom and Sara back! Are you serious? after many years, just reuniting for “holy reasons”. That SUCKS! I ‘m sorry!
    I agree with some of you, they better do something nice and convincing. After all, it is THE program

    1. @mvespinoza2011: With only two hours, I don;t think they’ll try flashbacks. And Billy being ‘back’ is encouraging. He’s always been very defensive and pro-GSR and angry at how it was handled. So… We’ll hang on to that.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): Maybe my memory is bad but I seem to remember years back that Billy hinted he would return for the last show if the show ended, or something like that. Billy and Jorja seemed to respect GSR more than anyone else connected with the show.

      2. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): I always wondered if Billy had any comments about what they had done to the GSR after he left… I’m very curious to see how they write themselves out of that awkward corner post Forget Me Not disaster.

      3. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): My guess is, they’ll just ignore it, as if whatever the reason Grissom decided to let her go (for her own good, as she implied), resolved itself off screen. That’s sort of the only way I see out of that unfortunate turn. I just thought it would have been simpler to just say he had been in Vegas the whole time, we knew he wasn’t going to make a bunch of guest appearances anyway.

      4. @Julia: Or maybe they’ll say they were both wrong and make up… I’d like to see them make the right choices for all the characters. Sail off into the sunset. Grissom could tell Nick and Greg he’s proud of them. Everyone stops at Warrick’s grave. Have a case that brings them all back.

  6. SARA SIDLE (-Grissom)- Night shift supervisor . Full Circle (sort of)

    I hope when they say “heavy” I hope they don’t do something like the One to Go scene πŸ˜• ..I really really badly want to see a conversation !!! 😑 πŸ™

  7. Mika, I’m cautiously optimistic for a happy GSR ending, but bitter that CSI had to be cancelled for us to get it. Jorja sounded sad but brave on her Facebook video post (“Face the music”). I agree with you, perhaps Jorja can move away from CBS. I rely on you to keep us up to date on her latest adventures! Thanks.

  8. It would be fair Sara stay as supervisor, but I think they can make mistakes in choosing and put some any. About GSR like the couple and deserve a great final. And the series that is in my heart deserves the best ending possible, I hope to leave Laurence Fishburne and his pathetic character out because it is a negative milestone in the series.

  9. I’m hoping with the news of Danson going to cyber that the finale doesn’t revolve around his departure of Las Vegas. I want old school team solving a case. And loads of gsr. Perhaps since Cath works for FBI a case over lapse with csis. And Grissom is a special consultant Catherine has working with her to solve. Very curious how they all get brought back.

  10. Happy Marg and William Petersen will be in the final, would be nice if George Eads and Paul Guilfoyle were also there and Garry which would have to be in flash back.

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