Documentary ‘Unity’ Narrated by Jorja

Jorja is one of 100 celebrities who has narrated the upcoming documentary “Unity.”

Made by Shaun Monson, “Unity” explores what exactly it means to be a human and how our interpersonal relationships shape the planet.

Says Monson:

The title ‘Unity’ signifies the intention of the content. It’s not so much to entertain, like a past-time, but rather turn something ‘on’ inside you that has been suppressed or forgotten by the mask that society or tradition puts upon us. But more than that the film also helps relate us to the mystery of existence, to all of existence, which we are merely a part.

Monson also made “Earthlings” which looks at humanity’s relationship with other animals.

“Unity” will be distributed by SpectiCast to around 1150 screens worldwide, starting Aug. 12, 2015.

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