AXN Says Farewell to CSI

AXN aired the CSI Finale on New Years Eve. But that isn’t the awesome news from them.

And it’s not that I found out how they type Jorja Fox in Taiwanese (喬雅福克斯).

No. It’s this photo:

喬雅福克斯(Jorja Fox)from AXN

Credit: World Screen – CSI Goodbye! “CSI: Final Case” New Year’s Eve together with you for 15 years to finally crack the case!

7 thoughts on “AXN Says Farewell to CSI”

  1. I didn’t quite understand what exactly was the end point. However I always loved hearing the finale intro by Grissom and seeing everyone in action. I always thought CSI would stay on for ever and didn’t buy cds as the show went along. Wishes. And your pic Jorja looked fabulous.

    1. @Karen: The end point? Of this post?

      But that isn’t the awesome news from them.

      The news that it airing in Tawian wasn’t the awesome bit. Neither was the fact that I found out how they type Jorja’s name. It was the image 🙂 That’s all.

  2. Thanks for posting the AXN(Taiwan) CSI final airing promo photo. Jorja looks great. Still a Sara till the very end; however I do have question regarding the finale DVD cover artwork. Always thought something is not right, now I know. It’s Catherine’s height. How did she get to be taller than Sara? I know they didn’t mean to imply they placed her on a stool. Still, even on heel boots….. that’s a stretch. (
    Sorry, no pun intended.) Oh man, this is just as bad as a photoshopped picture!

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