OMG! All this CSI SWAG!

Buy CSI Swag For Charity

I have a surprising ton of CSI swag in my house. I have three large frames, two small ones, a poster board, four shirts, two hats, and one poster. No. Really:

OMG! All this CSI SWAG!

Now I’ve never been the collecting kind. I don’t even own the CSI box sets. So where did I get these?

From Jorja.

No, really. She contacted me, asking if I knew anyone who wanted this stuff. Yes, she knows I’m not into collecting. I said I could use it to raise money for charity and asked if she’d make a video for you guys so you’d know this is the real deal.

So now I have all this stuff and, as I catalogued it, I realized I might be in over my head. I had no idea how to ship these things. My original plan was to just offer these as perks or rewards for donation via something like GoFundMe. Then I got them weighed and estimated at FedEx (looks like about $40 for shipping the big ones across the US) and did the only thing logical.

I went to eBay.

Here’s how this will work!

The items are all up on eBay, with a low-price, and you guys can bid all you want. You have 10 (ten) days for everything. You’ll be paying for your own shipping, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s just expensive and I can’t afford to pro-bono the shipping like I’d planned. This is sad, but it’s also awesome because now it means I can ship international. Hey, you want to spring for it, you got it.

The money will all go to charity though. Surfrider. For Jorja’s birthday. In fact, to make this even easier, I set up the sales via eBay’s charity auctions. 95% of it all goes to Surfrider. 5% covers my costs (packaging, fuel, etc). And since it’s a donation, your purchase is tax deductible. Win win!

I’m going to sell them in batches. First the small stuff, then the huge pictures, because I’m in the middle of traveling for conferences.

Questions? Ask away in the comments!

For Sale Now!

Next month I’ll start on those giant frames.

17 thoughts on “Buy CSI Swag For Charity”

  1. Mika, it’s brilliant of you and J, but why did the auction end so soon??? A lot of us didn’t even get a chance to see the stuff.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): Yes sad that everyone bought without everyone getting to see the items for sale. Not everyone gets to check Facebook or access the internet. I just hope they do not resell once the buyer gets the items. 🙁

      2. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): Yes, I bet Jorja had no idea how excited her fans would be. And I’m guessing she paid to ship all that stuff to you (or wait, I forgot you live in the same state). Her little video mentioning you was so cool. It’s bittersweet to think she’s cleaning out some CSI things, but we definitely benefit from the opportunity to acquire some of them. And I bet she has enough to keep, and also has to move on herself. Thanks very much for organizing it Mika! I love how this connects Jorja to her fans, through you, and we all get to jointly support Surfrider.

  2. Very happy with the initiative of you. CSI is a landmark that leaves a lot of nostalgia. And Jorja a cute you for choosing to approach the fans. Congratulations

  3. Can you please make next months items available to Canada? I know I’m not going he only one who would gladly pay shipping to have some of these items.

      1. @Mika E. (Ipstenu): And that was the reason I didn’t buy the shirt, although I woud love to have it.. I bet shipping to Poland is, well let’s say, expensive…

        But I so love the idea of selling things to charity!!! You and J had an awesome idea!!! Keep it comming!!

      2. @Agnieszka: The cheapest would be $33

        I’ve had this stuff in my apartment for a couple weeks and I’ve been weighing them, sizing them into various boxes (how small …) and trying to get the right understanding of costs. It’s quite insane.

        If I was doing things in bulk (like shipping 100 shirts) it would be easier.

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