Jorja Fox: Organic?

My wife and I were chatting about how people name things terribly and she pointed out that for someone who hates redundancy as much as I do (don’t say ATM Machine to me), I named a website “Jorja Fox: Online.”

Now. In my defense, in was 1995 and the original name was “Ipstenu’s Jorja Fox Online Fan Site.” It was less obvious that things were online-only. Rather quickly, everyone started calling it “Jorja Fox Online” so I slapped the colon in there and the site has been “Jorja Fox: Online” ever since.

But boy howdy is that redundant.

So here’s my challenge for you! What should I ‘rebrand’ JFO as? Your parameters are as follows:

  1. The initials must remain JFO
  2. It shouldn’t be vulgar or offensive

That’s it!

Leave comments as you like, vote for the name you like best, or vote ‘other’ and come up with something new.

Can’t wait to see what you guys say!

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