It’s Been A Rough Couple of Weeks

I’m sure none of you are shocked that Jorja was pro-Hillary Clinton. And like many of us, she too was heartbroken and shocked to see the outcome of the US Election.

After the election she took a bit of a break…

Then she found beauty in the world again…

And finally some solace today…

I know a lot of this has been hard to take in and stomach. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone. Our fight is not over.

1 thought on “It’s Been A Rough Couple of Weeks”

  1. So sorry for the election outcome and I’m not even American. Frightened hearing the reputations of the people Trump is adding to his administrative team. It seems to me history is repeating 70 years later. Somehow your country has to come together and I hope cooler heads will prevail soon. The fight is not over.

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