Swift Swag Lessons Learned

  1. Give you guys advanced notice
  2. Figure out better international shipping
  3. Don’t start it when I’ve got a cold

I admit, the reason I didn’t give you advance notice is I wanted to surprise you with Jorja’s video. Best laid plans!

The reason I left international shipping off is that for the shirts it’s $23.95 to ship to Canada. Crazy, right? That’s doubling the cost!

And the cold… I blame the flight to Miami plus the business conference. I picked up con-crud.

All that said, I mailed off the first batch today at lunch, and there are two items left for sale:

Sadly for the next round that I’m lining up, its a lot messier.

The remaining items are all framed photos, and most are over 38 inches tall. USPS won’t mail them, they’re too big, so that means FedEx or UPS, and that means minimum $25 for shipping. From what I gleaned talking to people, it’s more like $40. I’m getting them appraised for shipment, though, to be sure about this.

Which brings up another point. These frames are pretty honking big and unique and pricing them in general has been incredibly hard. Everything else was easy. I took the prices for regular CSI shirts and hats and such and off we went to the races. The delay in putting them up for purchase is surrounding that. I want to sell them for a reasonable and fair price to everyone.

These posters really are huge

The one on the left is posterboard and a little beat up. The one on the right is framed beautifully. They’re both around three feet tall.

Yikes. Anyone who’s had a hand in selling large posters, framed, drop me a line. I could use the estimate help!

4 thoughts on “Swift Swag Lessons Learned”

  1. HI Mika,
    As a Canadian I’ve long since stopped buying from Ebay. I was often charged $15 -$20 shipping only to find $4 -$6 worth of stamps on the package.
    Also, maybe you would make more if you open up bidding instead of pricing. Fanatics will pay more. Just my opinion.
    Good luck with this. It is a really good thing you are doing.

    1. @Vickiann: I actually went to the Post Office to ask about the best way to ship them. My local Postmaster and I are friendly after a rather disastrous experience where I filed a formal complaint about her moronic worker who would scan packages as ‘delivered’ when he put them on the truck, meaning they were marked ‘delivered’ up to 2 days beforehand. It was a shit storm. Someone there helped me price it out and found how annoying it was.

      The next round will have a much higher ‘buy now’ price I’m afraid. Like $100 or more. They’re amazing works, but sooo large. I really didn’t expect everyone to want to spend $25 on a t-shirt, though! That seems so weird to me.

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