Wherefore the O?

A lot of you had opinions that were quiet. I got a lot of emails and feedbacks and comments and DMs and …

Well the O was silly. And limiting and now we’re Fans of LeFox. And we have a fox!


Twitter is @LeFoxFans but don’t worry, everyone’s magically following the right account. I’ll set up a redirect on the old one as soon as I figure that out. Facebook isn’t changing since it can’t. Other things will be slowly sorted out.

Things that won’t change? The static site URL (static.jorjafox.net) and the short URLs (jfo4.us) since those are behind the scenes for the most part and I highly doubt I’ll find URLs as cool as those again. Also they’re resources only. You probably never even notice them.

2 thoughts on “Wherefore the O?”

  1. I must say I’m gonna miss “JFO”. It sounded very professional and since its an “online” site I never understood why the O had to change. I’m glad you decided not to change it to Jorja Fox Omnibus/Organic etc. because that would’ve sounded even more silly. Yet, I do think that “JFO” sounds a lot more professional than “fans of LeFox”, which sounds more like an average 1 out of 1000 fan page which your site definitely is not. Maybe it’s something I have to get used to, I don’t know yet. I do love the new profile picture, very foxy ;).

    1. @Emily: Online was just redundant. And this actually helps reduce confusion. One of the big issues I never talked about is the volume of misguided people I get coming here thinking it’s the official site. The O was ‘official’ :/ Basically by making the site too professional, I ended up getting a lot more information about people who are Jorja fans than I ever really wanted. Ever.


      Some emails are creepy as hell.

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