My VHS Tapes

Change: Only the Best Videos

I’ve always struggled with videos. I’m not sure how to host them properly, and I really only want to host the ones that are weird and hard to find. So I’ve trimmed back the videos to just some of the best. The ones that are hard to find.

The upside of this is, in doing so, I figured out a better way to host them that won’t slow the site down if you all watch them.

I’d like to know what video clips are hard to find that you think I should host here. For the most part, I think CSI videos should be a pass. You can all buy the DVDs after all (even though I don’t own any). But the clips from Nineteen, or Ellen? Those should be here, and are.

Drop a comment, tell me what you’re looking for, and if I can, I’ll host it here!

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