Chiefs: Passed Over

CBS has opted not to put Chiefs to series, making it a no-go for 2018-19.

The pilot, which starred Alana de la Garza, Jorja Fox and Aunjanue Ellis, focused on three female police chiefs in California, who band together to create a task force and catch a serial killer.

Oddly, CBS also passed on a Cagney & Lacey reboot, but picked up Magnum PI. Well. Maybe it’s not that odd

3 thoughts on “Chiefs: Passed Over”

  1. That so Sad! I was looking forward to see Jorja on tv again! Hope she has another project soon.

  2. Thus sucks big time. Magnum PI. Was great back in the day.
    It would be nice to have another female family cop story based on family close to real life. What’s up with that. No need to cancel before viewers have there say we pay for your networks .

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