3022 Trailer

Remember this one? A group of astronauts living in the haunting emptiness of space awaken to find Earth has suffered an extinction level event.

Well we finally have a trailer!

What we can tell from the trailer:

  1. Jorja is one of the still-sleeping astronauts
  2. She’s woken up (and has dialogue!)
  3. She still has hope
  4. She’s smoking a cigarette (in space?)

There’s no information yet on when it’ll be in theaters, but as soon as that’s public, it’ll be posted.

4 thoughts on “3022 Trailer”

  1. I really hope i have a chance to see 3022 here in Germany. Jorja Fox is so beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and a really great actress.
    I wonder about smoking in space too.
    (Sorry for the bad english, it’s not my native language)

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