3022: Screencaps and Review

It took me far longer than I wanted, but I’ve finally gotten screenshots and a full review for 3022.

So. What can I tell you about the movie?

First and foremorest, Jorja shows up about halfway through and she dies before it’s 3/4ths over. So please level-set your hopes there. The movie is exactly as I’d expected. What happens to people in outer space when the Earth is destroyed?

Like a lot of people, movies like Event Horizon absolutely messed me up with space movies when people go crazy. They are terrifying. This movie? Not terrifying, but very captivating. If you’ve seen Gravity it’s more like that then a terror/horror movie.

I found 3022 enjoyable and worth the watch. If this shows up on your streamers, I would recommend it even were it not for Jorja. As a movie to watch specifically for Jorja? It’s 3 stars out of 5. She portrays someone who actually saw the end of the world, and it’s with a subtlety that she delivers Diane’s obvious PTSD. That kind of acting is why I love watching her work. You know how broken the character is, and she lets it out one small piece at a time. If she had more scenes (or didn’t die) I would easily give this four stars.

Some death trivia!

  • This is Jorja’s second space movie (the first being Velocity Trap)
  • Jorja’s characters have died in 100% of the space-themed movies she’s been in
  • Counting TV movies, she’s died in 4 out of 16 movies (25%)

Have you seen 3022? Let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “3022: Screencaps and Review”

  1. I watched it on cable awhile back. Jorja’s accent threw me off a little. The movie was good. Interesting concept of survival. Jorja’s scenes were great. I did watch it twice

  2. I thought the movie itself was a little slow, but Captain Diane Ures was clearly the best character. The accent was cute!

  3. I bought the movie so I watched it several times, even though Jorja doesn’t have a large part I still liked it. I think her accent cool 😊😊

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