A ‘CSI’ Revival: Will Jorja Return?

In somewhat surprising news, CBS is looking at a revival of CSI!

One of television’s biggest drama series franchises is plotting a comeback. I hear CBS is mulling a CSI event series to mark the 20th anniversary of the original series’ October 2000 premiere. The idea is for new installment, from writer Jason Tracey (Elementary), CBS TV Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer TV, to be set in Las Vegas and be a sequel to the mothership CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, sources said. The hope is that the new incarnation would feature original cast members. I hear William Petersen, who headlined CSI for its first nine seasons, and fellow original star Jorja Fox have been approached, but no formal offers have been made.

Nellie Andreeva, Deadline

This is of course all we know for now, but currently only Marg Helgenberger is actively working on a project on CBS (she’s on All Rise as a lesbian judge). Absolutely no deals are signed at the moment, and it may all fall apart, so don’t assume this is a go.

Who would you like to see come back? Besides Jorja of course!

10 thoughts on “A ‘CSI’ Revival: Will Jorja Return?”

  1. It certainly would not be the same as the before.

    With at being said It would be nice to see where the characters are today. Lindsay being a CSI, Catherine being in charge of the lab, Greg and Morgan, where Nick would be, and of course how Sara and Grissom (GSR!!) ended up settling down or if their out their exploring the world together.

  2. I would love a come back..but it would have to have GSR.. As for Marg being on all Rise, she is not a main character and also she said in a recent episode that she is thinking of running for office, now that would be an out for her character. It would be cool to see Lindsay in action, and Greg & Morgan is a must. I think Sara & Grissom should be married & working together. Fingers crossed

  3. I’m not ready to see the core cast of the OG series all permanently gone their separate ways. Here’s my pitch:

    In the 5 years since the show ended, Ecklie has retired. Catherine has moved into the role of Sheriff. Meanwhile, Sara and Grissom have come back to Vegas because both of their mothers require more attention. Betty has recently passed. Sara goes back to work at the lab and is again offered the position as lab director with Greg as her assistant while Grissom conducts lectures and occasionally consults on cases. Nick and the San Diego crime lab have formed a frequent working relationship with the Vegas lab. Nick also still visits once a month or so. Morgan and Lindsay have a thriving mentor/student relationship going on.

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