‘CSI’ Reboot Casting News

From TV Line comes the news that the CSI reboot is still on the table, and three more actors have been cast to join William Petersen and Jorja Fox.

Although reps for CBS and CBS Studios declined to comment, TVLine has learned that Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights, Kingdom), Paula Newsome (Chicago Med, Barry) and Mel Rodriguez (Last Man on Earth) have joined the potential event series, which has yet to snag a formal pickup at the Eye network.

Lauria will play Josh, a Level 3 CSI who excels at crime scene reconstruction, while Newsome will portray Maxine, the new head of the Vegas Crime lab. Rodriguez will play Hugo, the head medical examiner who has a slightly creepy obsession with dead bodies. Two additional roles are still being cast.

CSI Revival: Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez and Paula Newsome Join CBS’ In-the-Works Sequel Series – Michael Ausiello, TV Line

It’s important to remember that this is still not confirmed by CBS and the show has not been officially picked up by CBS. However it is known that there is a script out there, and the original plan was purported to be airing last year, to coincide with the 20th anniversary. Covid kinda messed that one up.

How do you feel about a return to CSI? How would you explain Grissom and Sara coming back?

7 thoughts on “‘CSI’ Reboot Casting News”

  1. Helen Naomi Bradley-Wyatt

    I really think it has to come back it was a mistake to stop it! For me Jorja was CSI and I think the way they come back would be that they are following a lead that takes them back to Las Vegas and they are made an offer they can’t refuse. I know it is simple but to see them following the lead before Las Vegas would be a good hook!

  2. Pandolfo María del Carmen

    It would be great, but with the real team. I would have put the three new players perhaps as part of the San Diego CSI group and join a joint Las Vegas and San Diego investigation. Because Cath was the Director of LV and Nick has to go back

  3. Il ritorno di Sara e Grissom sarebbe mitico ed apprezzato dai fans di tutto il mondo.. “non sono ancora pronta per dire goodbye..”

  4. As long as the story line is not as weak as it was for the Season Finale. CSI desevered so much better than that! Not fair to to the cast or the fans! I was so happy with some parts and of the episode, especially the ending, but even the creator said that CBS did not give them enough funding 🙁

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