“CSI: Vegas” Arrives on the 21st Anniversary of “CSI”

CSI is back on October 6th, 2021.

21 years, to the day, that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation hit our screens. I was one-week into my new apartment, just unpacked, and using an El Gato machine to get screen caps. I tried to find a photo of that device, but it was basically a blue, semi-transparent, rounded corner box that I plugged the coaxial cable into, and then ran a firewire cord to my Mac.

By the time CSI ended, I was downloading directly off my DVR. Now I don’t even have a DVR but I can still easily download streaming via my computer. Tech is wild. I didn’t even have Wifi when CSI began! Heck, I didn’t have DSL for a couple years! Remember dialup? Yep, that’s how I used to do all this.

It’s very different now, thankfully. And that difference will come back to us with the new series, as everything is different again!

What new things (tech, science, or otherwise) are you looking forward to?

Oh and for the eagle eyes who noticed I had Oct 6th as the date set up earlier, no, no one told me. I just saw it was a Wednesday and thought “It I was the CSI people…” and I was right. I’m not psychic, I’m just a weirdo like Grissom.

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  1. On the one hand it is great that Sara returns, but on the other hand it is that I have to put up with the relationship between both of them again

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