“CSI: Vegas” at the TCAs

If you’re not familiar, the TCAs are the TV Critics’ Association’s upfront, where networks come to talk about what’s coming and how cool it is. CSI: Vegas had a panel where they introduced the new trailer.

The Panel

The panel included Jorja Fox, Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mandeep Dhillon, Mel Rodriguez and EPs William Peterson, Anthony Zuiker, and Jason Tracey.

21 years later, we get CSI again. This time, the actors weren’t able to do ride-alongs, due to COVID, but everyone is excited. They do want to get more CSI vets back, but Petersen was excited about coming back, even though they were all a little out of date with the work. Jorja said she was more than a little rusty on all things science and just being on a set because of the pandemic.

The world is more topsy-turvy than it was in 2000. It’s great to come back to Sara and Gil Grissom.

— Jorja Fox

Jorja also loves seeing women in the leading roles of shows – it’s overdue.

Diane Gordon, a freelance TCA member, tweetcaped the whole thing.

Trailer – Nightmare in Sin City

What do you think? Is the perp one of the CSI’s own?

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  1. I have to say that even though I am very cautious about the return, the premise is fascinating to me and I really do like what we have seen in this and the trailers so far.

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