First Official Trailer for “CSI: Vegas” – GSR and New Music

Okay folks, the trailer is out and there are some thoughts!

But first, watch the trailer (if it doesn’t load, click the link, yes there’s an ad first.):

Let’s unpack what we know…

We already knew the reason for Sara and Grissom to return was that the lab was under ‘attack,’ which really meant their results. Hundreds of thousands of cases are going to be thrown into question due to the accusations of malfeasance (i.e. criminal actions).

In the trailer, we see Jim Brass literally being attacked, and Sara and Grissom together being invited back.

Sara and Grissom being invited back to the lab by Maxine Roby.

We meet some of the new team, including a very dapper coroner, and a new baby CSI still getting used to the world. It’s like what they were trying to do with Holly Gribbs (which as you recall failed and resulted in Sara Sidle being brought on, and no real baby CSI around until Greg).

We’ve also heard that Sara kept up her CSI certs, which explains the visitors’ badge Grissom’s sporting:

And clearly this explains why they’re back to work:

And finally we actually get more PDA than we usually get on CSI:

Whew. That’s a lot! And I didn’t even begin to unpack the remix of the song, that sounds like Aretha Franklin got The Who to play some reggae! Joy Oladokun’s cover took a whole femtosecond to win me over, and you should check out the behind the scenes of making that remix too.

What does it mean …?

Everything from here on out is speculation!

Okay. Jim being attacked makes me think that, since he’s only in two episodes, he’s going to be killed at the end of episode one. If I wanted to rip the rug out from everyone, that’s how I’d do it. Start the episode attacking Brass, which absolutely will bring Grissom back. Of course Sara came with.

Interestingly, we don’t know if they’re married, really. We all suspect as much, but what if they’re just happily living together without being married? You don’t have to get married, and frankly I think they’re both generally happier without that Damoclean dread hanging over them.

We didn’t see anyone else for the old gang, but we know….

  • Hodges is an expert witness now, so he’ll show up for court at least once
  • Nick moved to San Diego (which is probably how Sara keeps up her CSI certs)
  • DB moved to DC for CSI: Cyber (the actor is on an NBC show and unlikely to appear)
  • Riley left, pissed off at Catherine’s running the lab
  • Wendy became a CSI in Portland to be close to her sister
  • Ray Langston retired after killing a serial killer
  • Warrick, Holly, and Finn are all dead

And here’s my guesses about the rest:

  • Catherine‘s retired and moved somewhere to be closer to Lindsey who’s in university (or graduated by now unless she went for a PhD)
  • Ecklie retired as well and moved to a quieter coast
  • Greg finally wrote his book and is living the author life
  • Sofia joined the FBI or moved to another city to be the chief of detectives
  • Doc Robbins has died (possibly related to the ‘attack’ on the crime lab?)
  • Super Dave” decided to shift careers to be more available for his wife and child (he had those before the end of the original series)
  • Morgan finally made up with her father, Ecklie (remember that one?), and moved to be closer to him
  • Henry, Archie, Mandy, and Bobby have all moved on to other labs

There are, of course, hundreds of other fly-by guests I haven’t mentioned, but seeing as the show started to taper off with the return lab-rats near the end, I don’t think we’ll see most anyone. Since Marg’s All Rise got canceled (though it’s in talks to be rescued by OWN), she may show up, but I wouldn’t think it’s a lock. Marc Vann hasn’t done much acting since the show ending (IMDb has one credit since) so I doubt we’ll see him.

Everyone else though …

What are your takeaways on the trailer?

5 thoughts on “First Official Trailer for “CSI: Vegas” – GSR and New Music”

  1. Hi,

    About the whole ‘being married thing’, it appears as if Grissom is wearing a wedding ring in the shot where they hug!
    Anyway, I’m really excited!
    Thanks for posting

    1. I also noticed a wedding band on Sara’s finger, it’s visible at 0.26. I guess it’s safe to assume they are in fact married again! Yay them!

      1. GSR was left in a good place in both ‘One To Go’ and ‘Immortality’ episodes. I can only hope CSI won’t mess it up the third time. It’s been such an intricate subplot of the show. I absolutely like how it was told in an understated manner through the years. You’d need to look for it, you know, like going on a treasure hunt. It’s always there, but never the in-your-face fashion. It enhanced the show without making the show soapy, if you ask me.

        It makes no difference to me if they are married or not. As long as they are happy with each other and can leave all the wanting, waiting and hesitating behind.

        What I want from the reboot? A competent scriptwriting team! We all have some ideas what those show characters are like; the new writing crew should not make Sara a desperate housewife or Grissom, a rapper. Mind you, not there’s anything wrong with being a rapper Just it wouldn’t have been Grissom. You know?

        Truly I wish the reboot project could have brought Super Dave back (along with Henry, Archie, Greg or even one of the oiginal receptionists). Super Dave would be the most ideal character to bring a sense of continuality to the new show.

        The original CSI’s casting director deserved a lot of credit for assembling the perfect actors/actresses to fill all those unforgettable roles. I miss them all. (Yes, even Ecklie!)

        Now the guessing game begins. Who could be responsible for ‘the attack’? That creepy little genius, Hannah West, can be a good candidate. I just don’t know how to work around the ‘lab accessibility’ issue. So, my guess is Jeffrey McKeen with the aid of some rogue cops from the Sheriff Office. Or Ecklie? He could have been leading a double life, couldn’t he?

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