“Honeymoon in Vegas” Discussion Post

Warning: This post and its comments contain spoilers!

Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle come to the aid of a former colleague who is implicated in tampering with evidence. Maxine and the rest of the CSI team work the murder of a couple slain on their wedding day, following the evidence to the salacious underbelly of the Las Vegas elite.

Jump in with your thoughts in the comments! What did you like? What did you hate? Did Hodges do it?

1 thought on ““Honeymoon in Vegas” Discussion Post”

  1. Well must say I thought Hodges would be in hiding for a while, didn’t expect him to appear so soon. I don’t think they’re going with “he really did it”, but the perp has to be somebody we know from old seasons, IMO has to be something big and dramatic if they’re going to spread it over 10 episodes.
    Disappointed in a few “schoolboy error” things- in the beginning when Grissom’s perusing lab reports Sara’s name is wrongly spelt (nothing new there..) and first lab report says “Natalie Davis” -DOB 1995, which would make her 11 in 2006..
    Many “so-in-character” bits of brilliance though- with how G and S view potential Hodges involvement, Grissom’s observation skills at that garage watching from a distance, him linking the missing dog to the case, entomological conclusions. Precious.

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