“In The Blood” – Screencaps and Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

They’ve got the guy! But proving it might be an issue.

And here I thought “In the Blood” would reference Sara’s family. Nope, it’s a triple up of “the evidence is in the blood on the horse,” “the patricide killing was in the blood (family),” and “the Wix family are in on it together” … I guess blood is thicker than water.

Full Recap Screenshots (115 images)

I waffled between 3 and 4 stars again, but after getting the screenshots, realized it’s a 4!

The fact that Anna just told Grissom “Yeah, we did it and it’s because you CSIs steal the limelight from awesome lawyers!” was a bold choice. She also told Grissom to bring Sara and Maxine around, and then lo and behold, Maxine was demoted! Anna has a point, maybe Anson has just enough sway to pull this off. The better story often wins.

Grissom’s little rant at the end about people not believing science and fact hit home for me. It’s just painful to know that people out there question science without understand what it means. Science is meant to be questioned! But you have to understand how and why scientists came to their conclusion otherwise you’re just the toddler saying you don’t like broccoli because it looks funny.

I wonder if they’d dare end the series with a failure… that would be amazing!

Bonus screenshot?

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