Jorja Talks to ET – Grissom and Sara At a Low Point

Don’t panic! We mean case wise!

I love episode 5 and I love the story that Matt Lauria and Mandeep Dhillon sort of drive. The storyline for Sara and Grissom is going to spike a lot, it’s going to go up and they’re going to feel really close and they’re going to be really high and then it’s going to crash and they’re going to go really low and really almost like it might be the end. Obviously this case is the most important case of their entire careers. Everything hinges on it. Grissom’s reputation hinges on it, Hodges’ whole life hinges on it. Many, many, many really, really bad people will get out of jail at the same time if they fail. So, not only are the stakes that high, but they’ve never had this little evidence to work with. So we’re going to yo-yo. I actually think that episode 5 is ultimately really a low point of the 10 episodes for Sara and Grissom.

Source: ET Online – ‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Warns Grissom and Sara Are at Their Lowest Point (Exclusive)

Jorja also talks about who she’d like to see come back to CSI and some of her favourite things from the past.

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