“Legacy” Discussion Post

Warning: This post (and comments) contains spoilers!

Sorry about the delayed post, you know it’s been a while since I had to think about this!

Leave a comment with your thoughts, your reviews, what you loved, what you hated! East Coast and West Coast, it’s all here for you.

4 thoughts on ““Legacy” Discussion Post”

    1. I want to say no but it would be an epic plot twist that he did and his reasoning being that he felt like he was under appreciated or something. We’re all expecting him to be innocent so it would be a big twist if he wasn’t.

      So glad the discussions are back. Can’t believe CSI is back again AND that Jorah is back AND we are finally getting some cute GSR material.

    2. Oh curious to know if it really was him. The episode is very cool, all the nuances of the original series are there and it sure makes it easier to have especially Sara to make this link. Her looking at Hodges’s newspaper photo, I finally liked it a lot.

  1. Not being in the US I wasn’t sure whether I’d find a way to watch but I did and I LOVED it. So far it exceeded my expectations.
    The scene with Grissom in the end was so nicely done. Didn’t expect this amount of Sara airtime straight away. Oddly didn’t dislike any of the new characters, albeit they’re definitely trying to make Folsom another Grissom.
    Where they’re going with Hodges was my concern regarding Grissom when the series was announced (the character going rogue), so pleased those fears didn’t come true. What I’d do if I were a writer? Hodges is indeed framed, and the baddie is somebody from old episodes (not just a reference, but an actual character from old episodes) So many to choose from. Would be an epic reward for old time fans.

    Favourite line- Sara saying “..we had an adventure waiting” in regards to last 6 years with years with Grissom.

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