Legacy – Screencaps and Review

Can you believe we’re here?

What a wild ride! The investigation to the lab has begun, and we ended the episode on a seriously WTF note!

Full Recap Screenshots (287 images)

That was a lot to take in.

Warning: From here on out, we’re in spoiler land!


So! Here are my big thoughts:

  • Brass being blind(ish), which we knew going in, makes the whole thing feel a lot more personal
  • Grissom only showing up to have the closing line was a chef-kiss perfection
  • Sara getting the pre-credits line (plus the new credits) was so much what I needed back on TV
  • I really like Hugo and Maxine, and I’m actually interesting in Hugo’s paintings
  • Sara breaking the lock, gun or not, is peak Sara Sidle
  • Isn’t the arm she hurt rolling on the same one she broke thanks to Natalie Davis?

But of course … could Hodges be the guy? I have to be honest folks… Yeah, I can totally see that.

A couple non-Sara screenshots of note:

The fact that it says “wedges of his shoes” is a shout out to us Wedges Shippers? Right? Wendy/Hodges forever! (Liz Vassey won’t be back, it looks like, which is a bummer, she’s super cool).

Hodges was super into that case, wasn’t he?

3 thoughts on “Legacy – Screencaps and Review”

  1. I loved how “stomach contents” grabbed Sara’s attention better than paintings lol
    How old is that Hodges article though, it says “Grissom and his team..”
    Hodges actually being the baddie would be..hm, interesting and different. But would forever leave a dark shadow over old episodes, IMO.
    Did you find Folsom character very…Grissom-like?

    1. I think the article was meant to be from the late 1990s, just based on what they were talking about with cases in the storage room.

      Folsom is the new Nick, combined with Warrick. I gather he’s a good-ol’-boy from the rougher side of Vegas, with a heart of gold under the gruff exterior. Or as my wife said “Classic male lead circa early 2000.”

  2. Some of his lines though, eg brooding over a dead body for 10 min -“The less there’s to look at, the longer it takes to see what’s missing” and “Science told me” at the end, I can literally hear Grissom saying it=)

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