“Let the Chips Fall” – Screencaps and Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

With two very separate cases, the chips are down for everyone.

As Grissom and Sara close in on who framed Hodges, an unexpected development changes everything. But when the chips are down, they may have found the clue they need.

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Whew! I would very much love to go to the body farm, that looks like a whole lot of fun. I spotting the wonky cut on the rib right away, so I maybe have seen too much crime TV, or my college course in forensic anthropology kicked back in.

I also loved how bemused Sara was by Gil’s childlike glee about the body farm and making puns like days of yore. That’s the Gil we all know and love, and finally he came back!

CBS shared a clip of that last twist:

Who was Kline on the phone with!? Who killed him? What’s the end game with all this?

My favourite (far out and unlikely theory) is that it’s Greg, in a revenge against Grissom. Remember how Greg always had a crush on Sara? And none of her cases are up for review? Hmmm.

But … Kline wanted to talk to Sara and Grissom about the cause of death. Why would he want to do that? Is the cause of death for Riley Jones a clue?

Bonus screen cap of the week:

Sara and Grissom’s text chain

I love people who use proper grammar in texts! xo

4 thoughts on ““Let the Chips Fall” – Screencaps and Review”

  1. Hey Mika!
    I kinda agree with Greg angle. It is really weird that he has not been mentioned. It appeared that he was going to be sticking around and was not showing any signs of burnout. Where did he go? Why hasnt he at least been mentioned?

    No cases under Sara and 1 under Grissom. What about the other 11?

    P.S. – I am a huge CSI fan and wanted to thank you for your posts and I love reading your thoughts!

    1. ☺️

      Well didn’t that just make a sleepy, foggy, morning the best?

      Yeah Greg vanishing with no word and no comments struck me as very odd. I’d at least have expected a comment like “Greg’s on a book tour for his latest Vegas History in London, but wishes he was here.”

      Obv Morgan went off to where ever her dad (Ecklie) is, but Greg was a mainstay from the start!

  2. I am wondering if CBS knows what it wants to get from this Vegas project. Of all the characters from the original show, how in the world CBS didn’t think of finding room for Greg and Super Dave?! In addition to the presence of Grissom and Sara, these two blokes could have given Vegas a much needed sense of continuality.

    Grissom is marvelous and Sara is great; but we do know there are slim odds for these two coming back in S2, if there is ever going to be one. Thanks to the excellent plotline and storyline, the Vegas episodes are getting better and better – well, the self-landing aircraft is a stretch, BTW – I just don’t see the current team can hold fans’ interest. PN’s Maxine is an excellent character. Wish I could say the same about the rest of the team. If CBS wants to make something out of this Vegas 10-eppisode project, they need to bring back big bazooka like Greg or Nick. ( And I miss the old Lab Rats!)

    Grissom’s dog, Hank got mentioned in one episode. Why, oh why not Greg?

    1. Continuity is a funny thing. The fact that in five years everyone’s gone is not actually all that strange. It’s incredibly common now for people to move on to a new role instead of getting promoted in house. I left my old job about 9 years ago, but by 5, yeah, a lot of ‘my crowd’ was totally gone. Most of us moved on to new states even.

      Based on all the articles and interviews, and the fact that they’ve been rolling Jorja out on the talk-shows, suggests she’s very much in for another season if it happens. Now if that is going to be picked up, we’ll see. I do agree that Folsom and Allie are kind of a miss. He’s bland and she’s predictable. But every time I say that, I remember how much reporters ragged on Sara Sidle “sidling up to Grissom” and how predictable all the names where (Brass the cop, Willows the stripper, etc). It’s not actually that different from the silly show we all fell in love with 🙂 Yes, I think CSI is silly, and that is not an insult. The goofiness and the science being a bit over the top was why I liked it.

      the self-landing aircraft is a stretch, BTW

      Not really! Commercial planes have had auto-landing for years. If you’ve flown since 1990, you’ve probably had at least one. Reports vary but at least 1% of commercial flights Autoland. A human has to hit the button to land, but the auto-pilot can do it.


      It was super creepy when it happened the first time, but I got over it (before the ‘Demic I was flying at least every month).

      Also? full self-landing tech is here.

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