PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2021 with “CSI: Vegas”

If you’re a Paley member (or have a CitiBank card) you can check out the preview a little early. This hour long (!!) preview was hosted by Nischelle Turner, and has a number of awesome tidbits.

PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2021 sponsored by Citi. Stars and creatives of CBS’s CSI: Vegas (Jerry Bruckheimer, Mandeep Dhillon, Jorja Fox, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Littman, Paula Newsome, Jason Tracey, and Anthony E. Zuiker) gather on August 14, 2021, with moderator Nischelle Turner at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2021 to celebrate their show. Topics include: how the latest “CSI” spinoff will bridge the gap from the original show’s 2015 conclusion; how Fox (Sara Sidle) and William Petersen (Gil Grissom) were convinced to resume their old “CSI” roles; the reactions of Newsome (Maxine Roby), Dhillon (Allie Rajan), and Lauria (Joshua Folsom) after being asked to join the “epic” franchise; the producers’ secret for making the new show attract “CSI” fans while appealing to new viewers; why Dhillon has never seen a “CSI” episode, and refused to binge them before joining the cast; if actors from the show’s other incarnations will serve as guest stars; and Jorja’s tips for co-stars about mastering scenes with an abundance of technical lingo.

Tidbits and Treats

First of all, while all these actors are playing the smartest people in the rooms, it took them all a minute to set up “Do not Disturb” on their computers.

Jason Tracey, one of the EPs, explained that since the ending of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was literally Grissom and Sara sailing off into the sunset, they had to figure out how to get our heroes back off the boat. And the way to do that was to have a disaster in the lab and a massive danger to an old friend.

They plan to deliver everything we had in the old CSI, but also we’re going to follow people home, now, and see some new science. The show will still be consumable by people who’ve never watched the original.

While the preview was pre-taped, and thus they were cagey about the details (like Grissom coming back and them still being married) that hadn’t yet been revealed, Tracey also explained that the danger to the lab is both very real and very existential. Much like we’re facing now with the crisis of science deniers and climate change, anti-vaxing, and so on, once faith is lost in science, what do we have?

The “CSI Effect” Goes On

When they started the show, the joke was they’re helping people be better criminals. But what happened was the over-educated populace who had to be warned about how what you see on TV is not the same as they would see in a jury trial.

But there’s also an impact in STEM from CSI. The number of women in labs is been higher now. Over 20 years, the show has helped pushed the diversity of gender and race in labs.

The whole video will be up next week, but I’ve transcribed the Jorja bits for you, which includes a cute story about a dust storm.

Read the Jorja parts of the Paley Center interview, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Updated 20 Sept:

Watch it now!

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