Photo and News Roundup!

Isn’t it nice to have too many things to reasonably make a single post for each one?

Here’s a quick roundup of new photos you may have missed and some news!

TV Guide Magazine – Fall Preview

Send your love to Barbara (an old GSR fam) who got me scans while I’m waiting on things at home to sort out (my copy never showed up and the digital isn’t either, which is the height of weird). Anyway, we get more into some details but some GSR for you:

Will we finally get to see some PDA this time around?

Petersen: Our attraction to each other was always based on the work. We were always in some kind of mind meld when we were working. There was nobody he would rather be in the lab with or on a crime scene with than Sara. She got it. She got him, and he eventually got her.

Fox: [Grinning] The show is going to air at 10pm, so we can be a little edgier than we were last time.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Yes, we’ve got the whole article transcribed for you.

Full Sized Image

People Magazine – Show to Watch

CSI: Vegas

Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), together again! The original CSI duo must work with a new team of forensic investigators to preserve justice in Las Vegas amid a crisis. Premieres Oct. 6 on CBS.

Source: People

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