“Pipe Cleaner” – Screencaps and Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

With Maxine on the outs, Gil and Sara are running the show.

Sara and Gil step right back into their old roles, helping run the lab, and working well with the new CSIs to solve a very messy murder.

Full Recap Screenshots (297 images)

The melted body case made me laugh, since we all know Jorja hates those scenes. That’s just mean. But Sara losing her ring at work is very odd. Most CSIs and doctors I know won’t wear their rings at work, lest they suffer de-gloving a finger. Google it, but I don’t recommend you look at the images.

I really hope Grissom cleaned it…

Sara getting ‘caught’ by Wix was certainly a tense moment. He was totally scoping her license plate, which given that there are no photos of Sara for the season finale make me think that’s going to come into play. We won’t know for at least a week though!

I’m really enjoying knowing who did it, and even (to a degree) how and why, but not being able to prove it. This is a pretty novel place for the CSIs. Even with Paul Millander, they couldn’t catch him because he ran away, but they had evidence. This time, we’re getting to see the full chase and see the hurdles science has to clear.

Bonus clips!

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