Review: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things has been released on Amazon.

The movie is based on the book of the same name and is about a young man (Mark) and a woman (Margaret) who both find themselves stuck in a ‘Groundhog’s Day’ temporal loop, where they repeat the same day over and over. At first, each feels they’re the only one, but when they finally meet they begin to share their common bond.

As the two grow closer, they also find out (much like Bill Murray) that there is more to life than just having fun all day, and they start to use the time to become better versions of themselves. It takes Mark a little longer, and he eventually realizes that Margaret is still keeping parts of her life away from him.

It turns out Margaret’s mother, Greta, is sick and dying in the hospital. Which means every single day, Margaret has to watch her mother die. Over and over and over.

Greta is played by Jorja Fox.

Overall, the story is a melancholic tale of embracing what we have, accepting what we lose, and finding love in between.

On the scale of “Is this a good movie” I give it four stars on it’s own merits. Of course, I wish Jorja had a bigger role, but at the same time it’s incredibly powerful what she does in the short amount of screen time she has. That said, I do give this 3-Jorja stars because of how much she makes of her scenes.

Watch The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon Prime today, and enjoy a sweet story this weekend.

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