“Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – Screencaps and Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

Hodges is missing, Sara is sure he’s kidnapped, and the lab is a mess. Where will this end?

Save Hodges, save the lab! It’s time for the CSIs to pull that off.

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Okay I know everyone wants to focus on that kiss! CBS knows too:

Now on to talking about the case. I was a little disappointed. I wanted it to have more Grissom and Sara, since they were the ones who cared about Hodges the most, and honestly I don’t care about the junior CSI’s story. Also I wanted more casework and less cop-work, if that makes sense. Basically it was too soft an ending. They didn’t spend enough time showing us how they proved Wix did it.

However I enjoyed the short series as much as I’ve enjoyed all CSI stories, so I am delighted in the end result. The show gained viewers in the 18-49 demo, however overall they dropped a lot to Chicago PD, which also had their winter finale. It was a tough match up. Considering the weak lead in from Tough as Nails, it was an improvement in both age-demo and total viewers.

Hard to say where we’ll be. I think that this is very much a show that benefited from a short season, so I would love 10 episodes a year. Less work for everyone.

I do have an unanswered question, and that’s why didn’t Wix include any cases when from Sara was in charge of the lab? Hodges worked there then, as well. Was there something about Sara making her untouchable except via her husband?

Now. About that cliffhanger… Jason Tracey says it’s not squeegel … but it sure looks interesting. A Son of Sam season?

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  1. I noticed in the latter part of the season Sara often sat on her kit at crime scenes rather than squatting. I was wondering whether Jorja hurt her back or something?

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