“The Talk”, NDAs and more

There was a lot going on today!

The Talk

Today Jorja was with Paula Newsome (Maxine Roby, head of the lab) on The Talk to talk about … CSI: Vegas! We have some official photos for you.

You can watch the interview right now on Paramount+ or tomorrow on cbs.com for free. Here are some highlights:

  • Jorja repeated her explanation of how Jerry Bruckheimer asked her and Billy to do ‘something’ for the 20th anniversary of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and it morphed into this.
  • She reiterated how lucky she and Billy were to get an ending at all, let alone a happy one.
  • Jorja (and Paula) are happy about seeing so many women in the field now, which is the opposite from when the series began.
  • CSI: Vegas is more reflective of real life (with science and casting) than it was before.
  • The science has changed so much since 2000! 20 years of new science!
  • Jorja felt at home in the lab, but she’s more comfortable with the practical side of science.
  • Jorja would love a musical episode, but can’t sing, so would be playing drums.

Chicago Tribune Article

Jorja gave a very candid interview with Nina Metz from the Chicago Tribune about the time she was asked to sign an NDA/gag order, and did so. She has come to regret that moment, but all things considered, I cannot fault her choice there. No matter how you come to it, NDAs and gag orders are incredibly difficult to address and many times you will feel like there’s no right decision.

Associated Press Interview (and Video)

AP News talked to Jorja about being back and what that means for science etc:

Which came with images:

There’s also a clip where Jorja talked about the new show:

For whatever reason it’s not captioned, so I transcribed it for you all.

3 thoughts on ““The Talk”, NDAs and more”

  1. Thank you very much for this post. It’s great to see JF mesh so well with her new teammates. Wish there were 18 or 22 episodes; but I’ll take 10 since it beats a mere two-hour CSI 20th anniversary reunion movies by miles.

    A real-life CSI fellow, with 40+ years experience under his belt, left a comment on one particular YouTube channel saying Sara’s striking resemblance to the best CSIs he has ever worked with is uncanny. JF totally deserves that high praise.

    I am glad finally somebody did step forward and give credit where credit is due. (How I used to wonder why the original show always played down JF’s natural good looks. Her Sara got lousy wardrobes and hairstyling; that said, even to the untrained eye, I did feel JF’s Sara was the most authentic character of the whole lot!)

    1. Part of Jorja’s costume, especially in the early seasons, was meant to reflect her ‘IDGAF’ about such things vibes. By the end of the series, I feel like they moved away from that and started dressing everyone better. Maybe it’s just how we all moved on since 2000!

      I don’t want to admit how little my wardrobe’s changed…

  2. Thank you Mika for keeping us across the pond informed about all things Jorja. 🙂
    I do feel like she is getting more credit this time around and I love that she seems to have a more lead role. I realized rewatching the original Sara got mansplained a lot of physics to her while having a physics degree from Harvard/Berkely. I really hope she gets to shine (more) as a brilliant scientist in the new series.
    Regardless of its faults it is still my favourite tv series and can’t wait for CSI: Vegas to air over here.
    Also, the interviews on this press tour have shown what a graceful human being she is (not that we did know that already).

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