TV Guide Magazine Picks “CSI” as a Top New Show

After I read the article, I thought “Huh, what did they originally say about CSI?” and to my surprise, they didn’t. Yes, there’s a blurb in the TV Guide Magazine (then just TV Guide – they split into two entities in 2008) Fall preview, but … Back in September 2000, the show that everyone thought would be a hit was the remake of The Fugitive, and CSI was dumped on the Friday Night Death Slot.

In fact…

We Say: If only the characters were as animated as the evidence. The detective work is often gripping, but the detectives are mired in cliché, including the always terrific Marg Helgenberger (China Beach) as a conflicted single mom. Wasting actors like her and Petersen would be a crime. (Jorja Fox, last seen protecting the first daughter on The West Wing, joins CSI in the second episode.)

Source: TV Guide Magazine, by Matt Roush

Yikes. And hilariously, it was a year later that Roush put CSI on his “Best of the Year 2001” list.

This year, though, they sing a different tune:

WHY WE’RE EXCITED That cavalry includes Petersen, as well as fellow original series costars Wallace Langham, Paul Guilfoyle and Jorja Fox. That means we’ll learn the status of Gil and Sara Sidle’s relationship along with just how much the high-tech world of criminal forensics has changed in six years. By mixing old blood with the new (including Matt Lauria, Mel Rodrigues and Mandeep Dhillon), CBS should hit the jackpot.

Source: TV Guide Magazine, by Damian Holbrook

It’s impossible to know if CSI can bottle lightning twice, but frankly I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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  1. Im looking forward to he new Csi…i just hope that the script s are really brilliant as were the first series. .give the actors something to get there teeth into..something really gripping.just love Mr.Petersen and Miss Jorja…its a pity Miss Helgenburga risnt able to joine the group. I loved the original team. 💖

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