TV Insider: How Sara and Grissom Have Changed

From TV Insider we have a new (short) article about that TV Guide Magazine cover, and asks some details about Sara, Grissom, and what their relationship will be like:

The new series brings the scientific technology crime-solving back to our TVs for the first time since mothership series CSI signed off in 2015. The action begins when a threat comes upon the CSI lab in Las Vegas, which brings Sara, then Grissom, back to help. But given time has passed since we last saw the married couple, will they have changed much?

Source: TV Insider (local copy)

The accompanying video goes into more detail:

And while that does not have captions, I’ve transcribed it for everyone.

Jorja Fox: You know, I think it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I think you will see Sara and Grissom the way that we remember them. At the same time, I think we both hope we have evolved in five years. Our lives have taken on this incredible journey together. Traveled the world. We’ve been involved with marine mammal conservation, habitat protection … They’re in a good place. I can say that Sara is probably more relaxed and easy going than the audience has ever seen her, ‘cause she’s been away from all that craziness in Vegas.

Source: TV Insider (transcript)

Also? Full confirmation of marriage!

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