“Waiting in the Wings” – Screencaps and Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

Things are looking grim, and then grimmer.

While Sara doesn’t want Hodges to give up, a murder and a kidnapping are rough to recover from.

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To start with, that last scene is WILD. So wild I had to gif it (sorry about the quality):

Sara having a panic attack/flashback like that is really appropriate. And Jorja, per usual, just nailed that scene. We know for sure Sara isn’t kidnapped, and honestly after that scene, I know she didn’t do it (all jokes aside).

I still wonder why we don’t have any photos of her for next week, but I’m honestly not ready for it! I’m glad we don’t have long to wait, but I feel like I want another month to gear up for it.

How did you like the episode? Did Wix really do all this, or is he working with that mysterious person with the other prints? I presume they have his sister’s prints from the garbage already, so they know it’s not her.

2 thoughts on ““Waiting in the Wings” – Screencaps and Review”

  1. Last few minutes made the episode. I was yelling, “stay together, don’t split up”. Last scene hurt my soul. Jorja did a phenomenal job.
    Sara-darlin needs a hug from hubby.

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